Write for us & earn special rewards to grow your business

Are you spending countless hours looking for quality guest posting opportunities with little to show for it?

Finding quality guest posting opportunities is more cumbersome than most dare to admit. You create an outreach campaign, find a list of targets and send out hundreds of “personalized” emails hoping your article will get published on their platform. Sure, some will accept – but most won’t.

And of those who do accept, what do you receive in return? A measly backlink and two scheduled social media posts? Is that all your work is worth to them?

Some publishers will post submission guidelines the length of a thesis which read like the sun shines out of their backside. At the end of the day, you have to adhere to their rules to get published and noticed. You have to ask for permission.

I believe writers give too much power to publishers and expect very little in return.

I believe writers are being left behind to fight for scraps in the quest for quality guest posting opportunities that move their business forward, and I want to change that.

After all, what’s the point of guest posting if you’re spending more hours searching for prospects and outreaching, than doing what you do best – writing!

Introducing: The Writer’s Rewards Program

Our program rewards you for writing or referring writers to produce regular content to our publication in ways that benefit your business and writing career.

We’ve designed our writer’s program to give rewards that make a difference to your bottom line. After all, you’ve got a business to run and customers to serve.

Whether you need a website redesign, help marketing your business or need an extra pair of hands to manage your email and social media campaigns - we’ve got you covered.

In short, by writing for us you’ll get access to our design and marketing team who’ll work alongside you to make your business or writing career an outstanding success.

The Rewards

Rewards are redeemed once you reach the required number of articles during the lifetime of your account. Articles written by you or your referred writers are pooled together when redeeming rewards. For example, you only need to get 10 articles published between yourself and your referred writers to get a 1 hour business and website consultancy session.

  • Dedicated author page (1 article)
  • Automatic entry into our “Writer of the month” program (2 articles)
  • Exclusive admin access to WordPress - pre-load your own articles for editors to review (5 articles)
  • 1 hour business and website consultancy session (10 articles)
  • 20% shared monetization from ad revenue on your articles (15 articles)
  • 30% shared monetization from ad revenue on your articles (30 articles)
  • 40% shared monetization from ad revenue on your articles (50 articles)
  • Free access to upcoming growth marketing courses (40 articles)
  • Fully-funded scholarship towards any Nanodegree of your choice (Worth $2,000) (100 articles)

You may be able to tell just how much importance we place on quality content by what we’re willing to give for it. Ultimately our goal is to build a sterling relationship with writers who understand our customers and want to build businesses that make a difference.

Due to unprecedented demand, we can only accept a limited amount of writers to our platform at this current time.

Our Audience & What we're looking for

Every month 40,000 people from 165 countries visit us looking for actionable solutions to pressing problems which prevent them from living a successful, balanced life.

We want to create the best content on health, relationships, environment, career and money - so we can arm people with the skills to make lasting change in their lives.

Terms, Conditions & FAQs (Boring but important!)

Is this guest posting program free or paid?

It's 100% free.

Can I redeem a reward more than once?

Currently, only 1 reward can be redeemed more than once. For every 10 articles you get published, you'll receive a 1 hour business and website consultancy session.

How much can I expect to earn per month?

There are multiple factors which determine how much you'll earn each month. The more articles you write, the more rewards you earn. Earn rewards faster by referring other writers in your network to join our platform.

Is there a required word count for articles?

The average length of our articles is 1,200+ words, however word count is not our priority. As long as you can produce actionable solutions and strategies for helping people solve key problems in their lives, then its good enough for us.

What's your policy on content ownership?

We own all copyright for content you write for us, however full credit will be given for each article you write.

Will this program stay as-is forever?

Over the months and years this rewards program will change drastically. We reserve the right to make changes as we see fit and won't be held liable for any loss of income to you as a result of changes to this service.

How does revenue sharing work?

If an advertiser is paying $200/mo on all pages for 300 clicks/mo, and your pages contribute 7% (21 clicks/mo) - Your articles generate $14/mo ($200 * 0.07). Assuming you're on 10% revenue share, you'll earn $1.40 each month from just 1 advertiser.

The above is simply an example of how our revenue sharing system works and not indicative of how much you can expect to earn.

Can I submit content that has already been published elsewhere?

Content that is published, reordered or spun from anywhere in the world (including your blog) will not be accepted.

Will you edit original pieces I submit for review?

Yes. We won’t ruthlessly edit your work, but we reserve the right to make changes to fit our audience, style and purpose.