For many of us, failure symbolises this deep, dark, destructive essence that must be avoided at all costs. So it’s really no surprise when we inevitably perform something poorly, we become extremely self-depreciating.

Interpretation of Failure

Failure isn’t the problem – it’s the way we interpret it.

Now, this way of thinking is a perfect example of how to create a belief system that works against you. Contrary to popular belief however, it would be more beneficial if we referred to failure as our ‘light’, rather than our darkness.

Here’s why: The best way of learning something difficult is to just simply give it a go, and eliminate all expectations, no matter how we feel about it. Starting a business, learning how to play a guitar….anything at all.

Our goal is not to ‘win’, we just want to get results, with the keyword being….


Bingo! If we win, then yeah let’s throw a party! But that is not of our main interest. We cannot grow unless we’re proven to be wrong, in fact, we can’t grow until we allow ourselves to be wrong. This sentence has probably broken the heart of many million-a-perfectionist, but it was necessary.

Sometimes it is great to just force yourself into situations where you know you’re bound to be wrong, incorrect and a massive failure. Why? For growth of course!

When we’re found to be incorrect, we open ourselves up to the opportunity for growth, through the process of learning. Failure also allows us to explore hidden areas of a subject we may not have covered yet, it is the perfect idea to find and correct our weaknesses and blind-spots!

When your intention is to fail marvellously and on purpose, you have changed the entire paradigm that of which you normally assign to the concept of failure. You’re subconsciously teaching your mind and your body how to escape the detrimental effects sudden failure could give to you – and that’s where your success begins.

Today’s Failure Is Tomorrow’s Success

This is similar to a post I wrote earlier about how I fight incompetence. It’s all about being able to fail better than we did previously.

Using myself as an example: my entire life has been a success of failures

Though…. both my failures and times where I’ve been rejected, seems to make my confidence and self-belief soar. How is that possible? It’s simply because I have changed my beliefs about that concept, to one that suits me.

I welcome failure with open arms because for me, it constitutes another lifeline, another opportunity for growth, and another opportunity for learning. – David J Oragui

Take Action

To fail is better to not start at all. The main reason ‘take action’ is one of the most popular phrases of all time, is because if you fail – at least you learnt something. That is innumerably better than remaining idle and stagnant in terms of your progress, since you haven’t started anything.

If there were anything I’d like for you to take away from this it would be this:

Redefine every belief you feel currently works against you. Understand that failure is a reality and a large part of every day life that you will experience. Just focus on interpreting it in a way that will benefit you.