Writing a book is not as hard as it seems nowadays. You can write about anything you want, and you can use any writing style you want. If you don’t know how to structure it, the internet is full of a lot of insightful educational resources that’ll help you get started.

As well, writing a book can be one of the easiest and greatest ways to sell yourself and make a brand out of your name. It actually comes with a lot of perks even if you decide not to sell it in the end. Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting you the reasons why everyone should write at least one book in their lives.

1. It Increases Your Confidence

Writing a book is a complex process of creation and there are only so few who can bring it to the end.

If you succeed to have on your “done” list the accomplishment of writing a book, there’s no way to not feel proud on yourself and instantly raise your self-esteem.

Succeeding to write a book is quite an accomplishment and if the book worked out pretty well, you can decide to sell it and enjoy a nice income too.

2. You’ll Learn Commitment

As I stated above, writing is a complicated process that won’t happen over the night.

You’ll have to come out with the perfect outline to make sure everything is connected and has a catchy flow.

As well, you have to organize yourself to make sure you have a simple-to-follow schedule with what has to be done each day in order to finish your book. All these processes you have to follow will teach you how to truly commit and it’ll improve your time management skills.

3. It Improves Your Writing Skills

You never know when you have to use your writing skills, and if you don’t use them every now and then, you’ll shortly lose them.

Possessing great writing skills is a great advantage as you can always make money out of it. So, let me ask you, can you find a better way to improve your writing skills than writing a book?

4. Free Therapy

Writing is often used in therapy for various reasons. For example, it can help one discover or rediscover himself, to know himself better in order to understand his feelings, actions, and reactions.

As Daniel Parks, the HR manager at Essay Geeks, quoted, “Many people who decide to write a book will realize in the end that they’ve put a part of themselves in each of their characters, or they have at least shaped the main character in a better or worse version of themselves.”

5. It Keeps Your Brain in Good Shape

Ever since we finished school or graduated college, unless we find a job that keeps us mentally active, we no longer use so much of our brain.

In addition, after we retire, we no longer have to put our mind at work every single day.

Writing a book is the best activity to keep your brain in good shape over the years no matter what path you’re taking. When we retire, we’d better do everything that stays in our power to keep us young, and it’s all starting with a well-preserved mind.

6. You can Publish it Easily

A book is the easiest product you can sell online. You can find a lot of websites that allow you to easily publish your book. For example, Lulu or Amazon.

After you have managed to publish your book, you can sell it to people all over the world using various online promotion strategies.

If you don’t believe that anyone would be interested in buying your book, don’t let that stop you from writing and publishing it because after all, you’ll never know until you try.

7. It’s a Great Experience

After a lot of hard work from early mornings to late nights of typing sessions, when you have finally managed to type the last period, seeing your book finished will make you feel really proud of yourself.

And you’re right to feel so, as only a few select people manage to overcome their fears and get out of their comfort zone and finally manage to write a book.

This experience will lead you to other experiences, which will lead to new opportunities and people. Until you publish it, you’ll never truly understand how good it feels like!


You don’t have to write your book right now. You shouldn’t if you don’t feel ready. However, don’t wait until you’re 100% ready because you never will be.

Gather all the information you need, educate yourself properly, build the right skills, actively think of a niche/topic, and go ahead and start writing.

It’s not easy, so don’t give up when the tougher challenges arise.