Who Are ‘The Right People’?

I’ve always advocated strongly that finding the right people to complement your life is somewhat necessary to achieving balance and harmony in every aspect of your life. However, there has been an omission that I keep refraining from thinking about to a great degree. ‘Who are the right people?”.

In my last environment related post, I talked somewhat heavily about the qualities of a true friend. Today I’m talking about all the people who surround you, and make up your environment.

Local and Global Support Network

I’m not only referring to your close friends, but your family, coaches, teachers, neighbours and even internet penpals to a slight extent.

They’re Individuals Who Enrich Your Life

This depends entirely on your definition of ‘the right people’. For me, just being in their presence you can actually feel comfortable and safe. They bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘security’. One of the attributes humans are deeply attracted to by nature. This group of individuals make you feel a sense of warmth that just doesn’t feel the same when you’re in the vicinity of others.

Remember: They’re people who enrich and complement your life – not complete it. Finding people to complete your life will unfortunately have the opposite effect. You will expect them to pander to your every need, pushing your emotional responsibilities onto them. In other words you won’t be able to live without them, and this isn’t really a healthy way to function as an adult.

However, you can depend on them to help when you have any given problem:

  • Break a leg, phone Jess – you know she’ll be there.
  • Tight on money to feed yourself this month, talk to Jim – he’ll be more than happy to help.

Whether you’re struggling to search for a job, looking after your children on weeknights, helping you with your homework – no matter what that issue is, you have no qualms or trust issues with regards to this group of people.

They’re Rare Because They’re Always Abused

Despite the difficulty in finding these great beings who were sent from heaven, there are actually a modest number of people who are almost always surrounded by the right people – or in other words, good, genuine people.

You may be on the receiving end of this yourself. Do you know people who you care more about than they do for you? That’s what I’m getting at.

Some people seem to abuse ‘the right people’ and their qualities until they no longer have any use. I’ve been a recipient of this, plus I’ve witnessed this with my own eyes. I’m sure we all have. You know very well the type of individual I’m referring to.

“Sometimes I regret being nice, apologising when I didn’t do anything wrong and for making unworthy people a priority in my life.”

If You Find Them – Hold On To Them

Unfortunately, a lot of ‘good people’ are afraid of saying no and this is partially what invites other people to use and abuse them.

I only have one final sincere message to share with you.

“If you do come across the right people, treat them with respect, honesty and trust. Hold onto them and cherish them like Gold. Make them feel valued, because they’re the ones that stay for life. Once they’re gone, not only will they be gone for good, but you may never find another person like them again.”

What do you think? Who are the right people, to you? How do they behave, how do they treat you on a daily basis? Let me know your thoughts.