Boost your weight loss this summer with these 6 simple tricks

Many of us bear the notion that summer is a time for outdoor activities that help you lose weight and keep fit.

However, without a plan, you can find yourself straining to fit into your jeans when the summer is over.

Some people even tend to add more weight in the summer due to decreased exercising.

Here are a series of tips to help you make a plan to boost weight loss this summer.

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1. Choose healthy carbs

Try and avoid highly processed foods that contain white carbohydrates.

These foods comprise of fast acting carbs that are easily digestible and get absorbed quickly into the body.

This, in turn, causes a rise in blood sugar leading to an increase in insulin production. The insulin helps to convert the sugar into fat and hinders burning of fats.

Choose good and healthy carbs that are found in low processed or unprocessed foods. Foods with healthy carbs include:

  • Oatmeal
  • Multigrain cereals
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Brown rice

This list is only a small illustration of the different healthy foods as there are many more meals that contain healthy carbs.

There are a lot of healthy ways to improve your diet.

You should also avoid dishes that contain red meat and dairy products made from whole milk.

2. Lay back on the alcohol

It is a habit to take a cold beer in a hot and humid day to cool off.

However, that bottle of beer might be the reason you are not losing any weight.

The chemical properties of alcohol also boost insulin production inhibiting weight loss.

Alcoholic drinks are usually packed with lots of calories which offer minimal nutrition benefits. Thus, alcohol should not feature in your plan to boost weight loss this summer.

Consider drinking water instead of an alcoholic or sugary drink to cool off on a hot day.

Also, if you cannot avoid alcohol, reduce your portions and alternate each alcoholic drink with an equal amount of water.

3. Avoid diets

Going on a diet seems like the best way to lose weight.

However, diet plans usually don’t work since you are stuck taking the same kind of food, and you are eventually bound to slip up.

What you can do is watch out for your calorific intake and ensure that you consume fewer calories than your body needs.

Being on a calorific deficit stimulates your body to burn more fat, reducing your weight.

4. Cook at home

Eating out might save you the hassle of having to cook and do the dishes, but it also increases the chances of you taking in more calories than your body requires.

Since you don’t dictate the amount of food that gets on your plate, your instincts only direct you to clear the meal set in front of you. Thus, you might end up taking more than you should.

Cooking at home gives you control over your meal portions. It also helps you ensure that your meals are prepared healthily.

The American Cancer Society estimates the number of calories per portion for raw food that might not have weight indicators on them.

5. Add aroma to your food

You might think that aromatic flavored foods might cause you to eat more.

However, it seems like the situation is the complete opposite.

Studies show that you are likely to eat less of a strong-smelling dish than one which has a mild aroma.

One of the herbs that can help you spice up your food and also help you lose weight is parsley. This herb is a known diuretic which stimulates the reduction of surplus water from the body, giving you a lean look.

6. Focus

Let your meal time be dedicated to your meals.

Mindless eating can cause you to consume more than you would ordinarily have.

Researchers have found that people who multitask when taking their meals, such as combining mealtime with browsing or watching TV can increase their calorie intake by 25 percent.

Maintain your focus on your plate so that you can effectively judge when you are full.

Combining these tips with a regular workout plan will help you boost weight loss this summer.

Remember to keep an eye on your calorific intake, make sure to drink enough water every day and the results for the perfect body will not cease to appear.

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