In my last post I covered the 5 problems I feel holds others back in physical health. Here is an overview of the post:

  • Negative Beliefs of Exercise and The Gym.
  • The reason people exercise less in the 21st Century.
  • Negative Beliefs about Food and Nutrition.
  • Why I advise starting your balanced life journey through the physical health component first.
  • Common laziness and lack of desire to improve.
  • The meaning and importance of a lifestyle change.
  • The Link between sleep and our physical and mental well-being.

Today I’m continuing the series, now moving onto the top 5 problems I believe inhibits eternal success in mental health, from a balanced life perspective.

Underestimating The Importance of Life Prioritisation

Many may disagree but I feel people, especially in western societies, have too much control over their lives. This has become apparent with our habits and beliefs towards food, exercise and pleasurable activities. It is not a crime in the UK or USA to be extremely overweight or underweight. Nor am I suggesting it should be! However, it is clear that our actions and more importantly what we consider to be our priorities, has given rise to a lot of undesirable health aliments that many of us refuse to change.

Now, this doesn’t just apply to our weight. In fact, it applies to our current physical and mental make up today. Every action and inaction contributes in some form to our development. Our actions from the past have made us who we are today, and it’s our actions today that will create the individual of tomorrow.

Based on the above, one could say that prioritising our lives is very easy to do. And it is – on paper. The truth is, the concept of prioritising is very easy to figure out but that isn’t the real issue. The real issue comes with the fulfilment of that particular priority. The question: Can you hold that off until? Is what people truly struggle with. This is where the curse of instant gratification and the blessing of delayed gratification comes from.

Favouring Instant Gratification to Delayed Gratification

Delayed gratification for me, is another prerequisite to succeeding in life. The phrase, “good things come to those who wait” is popular for a very good reason. Delaying your gratification gives you the ability to develop skills in order to make sound decisions in everyday life, especially from a financial perspective.

I have noticed that the people I know with the most money, are those who have truly mastered the art of delayed gratification. Hold off a purchase here, save it for later there, put it away for emergencies then – these are statements they always recite whilst I’m with them. It really is no surprise that their bank balance is always on the rise, because they possess the ability to live for today whilst preparing/developing themselves for tomorrow.

A great number of people simply lack the patience for anything. This is further exemplified in society today, as technology is making every process of the past: faster, better and more user intuitive. People in 2013 now want everything immediately, which has given birth to the entitlement culture we have today.

Low Self-Esteem and Confidence

Probably the most prevalent problem that deters people from achieving everything in their wildest dreams. A debilitated self-esteem is critical to the state of your mental health because your beliefs about the world and yourself consist of negatively fed ideologies in order to work against you.

98% of children aged 14 and over suffer from low self-esteem due to bullying and overexposure of various forms of negative media. This instigates the construction of deeply-rooted ideas and concepts in their belief systems which in turn makes it very difficult to change them at a later time.

Due to the years of constant reaffirmation of these ideas, we then begin to develop an incredibly high external/destructive locus of control.

External Locus of Control:

Believes that the results of most events in their life are outside of their control.

Internal Locus of Control:

Believes that the results of most events in their life is within their control.

Destructive Locus of Control:

Believes that all positive events that occur in their life was due to an outside force. Also believes that all negative events that occur in their life is their own fault.

As you can see from the above, this is a vicious cycle. Low levels of self-esteem and confidence also makes the redefinition of existing concepts, beliefs and ideologies in order to suit oneself much more difficult. Finally, people with low self-esteem don’t look at the world in the way their best-self would – they haven’t even had the opportunity to. In most cases people don’t even believe in a best-self. To them, you are who you are – their potential is never questioned, so the glass ceiling is never lifted.

Pure Ignorance and Strong Desire For Self-Fulfilment

The number one mental block that people willingly create and abide by. I have personally never met a ‘successful’ person who possessed a personality trait as evil and scandalous as this one.

Refers to the refusal to accept and/or accommodate others based on their appearance, gender, date of birth, sexual orientation, race or place of origin due to past, current or future experiences. A generalisation so crass that even single celled organisms would understand the nature of its stupidity.

These individuals will never be successful because they cannot see beyond the physical realities of this world. Worse yet, they will never be happy because they nitpick on everything and live purely to satisfy their own needs, emotions and imagination.

This problem is what is truly holding the world back from progression, advancement and peace. Some people don’t realise that their rejection of learning and loving other people is the true stumbling block between themselves and everlasting happiness.

Lacking The Will The Live

Refers to the pure drive to live your life to the fullest. Many people lack this trait in droves. Full-stop. It is about understanding the need to take responsibility for your life and your actions. When you don’t have a reason for living, you are essentially a lost soul in an empty universe. I can’t teach you the ‘will to live; or directly give you a reason for living, that is something you figure out on your own – however you can inherit it (or gain it through experience), and when you do, you’ll become invincible.