In my last post I covered the 5 problems I feel holds us back in our careers and working life. Here is an overview of the problems discussed:

  • The problems associated with choosing a career.
  • Why our parents push us into industries/specialisms that we’re not in love with.
  • How people fail to define what life and work means to them.
  • Insanity: Why we place more importance on money than our own health.
  • Personal pet peeve: Using dodgy methods to get ahead in the working world.

Today I’m concluding the series, moving onto the last component of a balanced life – Material Wealth. Below are the top 5 problems I believe inhibits eternal success in our pursuit for material wealth, from a balanced life perspective.

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## Limiting Beliefs About Money, It’s Origin and How It’s Acquired

This problem is usually manifested by people, usually of the lower income variety, who make blanket statements such as, “all rich people are crooks” or “money is the root of all evil”.

Now I wrote an essay in 9th Grade about this particular adage. Whilst I did attain top marks, I disagree with every single point I made.

Irrelevant information maybe, but for me, I have come to understand that money actually isn’t the fundamental problem in the world but rather the people who use it.

One thing I have realised, and correct me if I’m wrong – those who complain about ‘rich folk’, are usually making two mistakes in their own lives.

Firstly, they’re paying the wages of the individuals and organisations they detest, and secondly, there is a good chance that they themselves will behave just like the ‘rich folk’ they claim to hate, if there had access to the same resources and funds.

If I Give It – I Have Lost It

I feel this problem is the most prevalent amongst people in western society, both young and old.

The deeply held belief, that there is simply a lack of money to go around – a lack of abundance.

Apparently if you take money from me, it means I have lost it and that same money cannot be replaced. My readers understand by now that my way of thinking is vastly different to many others, and could somewhat be considered ‘weird’.

For me, when I give money away, I don’t attach hostility or animosity towards it.

I strongly believe in the abundance of money and understand that the more I give away, the more that will be returned unto me.

I wouldn’t even go as far as to say that I believe in the law of attraction in it’s entirety. However, from my experiences, this always seems to happen.

I believe people need to lower the importance and control money has over their lives.

My basic needs have already been met, so I prefer to focus my energies in other areas of my life that require improvement. This also gives me more time and energy, to help others who are in desperate need to live and prosper.

Making The Acquisition of Money Your Dream

More money can make you happier to a certain degree, but it isn’t a guarantee that that happiness will remain forever.

Long story short, I personally have nothing against people who want to become rich. Usually my issue with it derives from the methods they use to get there, and whether they’ll end up truly happy afterwards.

In other words, do they feel pleasure, engagement and meaning behind their action or goal?

Budgeting And Delayed Gratification

Easy to solve, but hard to achieve.

I’m referring to those who can’t exercise an ounce of delayed gratification to save their lives.

This isn’t an insult, but rather a stern observation of my peers’ actions and the results they get.

Basic budgeting and learning how to be patient in order to buy the things you want, whilst prioritising the things you need.

Research shows that those who have mastered the art of delayed gratification, go on to have more available money and attain more success than their counterparts that haven’t. Understanding the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ – necessity and accessory.

Using Money As A Weapon

Finally, I have no problem with people using their own money to benefit themselves. Especially for those of us who have children, for example, I can understand why parents send their kids to private school etc.

My issue comes with those who use money as a weapon to severely punish or disadvantage others – usually powerful nations and large corporations, but also individuals who use it as a bargaining chip in order to cheat others in any given product, service or means of competition.

Join In The Discussion: What problems are you aware of, that causes problems in the money aspect of balanced living, and how has this affected you or others around you?