In my last post I covered the 5 problems I feel holds others back in their relationships. Here is an overview of the problems discussed:

  • The importance of money discussions in relationships.
  • Lack of communication is the reason why most relationships fail.
  • Being taken for granted and a lack of appreciation.
  • Dissipation of trust, honest and respect.
  • Refusal to improve as a person during your relationship.

Today I’m continuing the series, now moving onto the top 5 problems I believe inhibits eternal success in our environment, from a balanced life perspective.

An Unsupportive Family

One of the unluckiest gifts any individual could receive. I classify unsupportive families as serial energy vampires. Imagine how it must feel to have all the belief and confidence in yourself, shattered right in front of you. I have deep respect for those who come from overly negative backgrounds, especially young people. I doubt I would be able to live my life happily, knowing that everything I did would bring about absolute dissatisfaction to the people I spend the majority of my time with.

It’s debilitating for your self-esteem, many vicious cycles may begin to unravel after being in a negative household for an extremely long period of time.

I am completely unsure of how I would survive in such a hostile environment. Recovering from this battle after years of physical and mental torment, could scar an individual for life. In my opinion, this problem is definitely #1 in regards to achieving balance in our environment, and it’s the hardest to change!

Finding The Right People To Feed Off On

Crucially important for achieving balance in your environment and surroundings. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Why do people struggle with this? Two reasons, firstly people accept the ‘friends’ life throws at them – the ones you seemingly get ‘automatically’ through school and college. I know making friends isn’t easy for everyone – and making the RIGHT friends is even more difficult. Secondly, many people haven’t asked themselves what the term ‘friend’ actually means to them.

What do I mean by ‘the right people’? Simply, those you resonate well with, at an extremely high level. The type of people who are willing to push you forward and make you realise your full potential. Most importantly, they’ll be the type that will be with you, both through your struggle, and through your success.

[blockquote]If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success. – Will Smith[/blockquote]

The Type of Information You Consume

Another problem that inhibits eternal success in our environment is the type of information we consume on a daily basis and the nature of its source.

You are what you read. The more time you spend reading and taking in negative material – the more cynical you’re likely to be.

This problem coincides perfectly with the problem of finding the right people to feed off on. If your friends are your so called ‘mastermind group’ – the information you consume, is likely to be that of which adds real value to your life.

Choosing the right media channels is a difficult but necessary component to achieving balance in not only your environment, but your mental health and relationships too. I believe people should be reading material that adds to their self-esteem and confidence, not ones that take away the very little they currently have. Block off and cancel the material that currently places doubt in your mind, and replace it with those that enrich it, providing pleasure, engagement and meaning in order to live a happy fulfilled life.

Succumbing To The Idea That Looks, Rank and Power Is Everything

This concept is usually reaffirmed by those in our ‘friendship groups’ or by our acquaintances. Certain forms of media have led us (young people in particular) to believe that physical attractions and social status are the most important things in the world.

It’s no surprise that 98% of 14-year olds+ suffer from low self-esteem. The amount of negative images presented to them each day is testament to this, thus the chain of comparison theory, social acceptance, validation and accreditation begins. These are simply distractions that keeps people away from realising their true worth.

I wouldn’t go as far to suggest that these forms of media (social media included) are ‘bad’, however people vote via their actions and their money. We need forward thinkers and pioneers who love to inspire and teach others about the true gift life is. Especially for our young people, role models are needed for them to admire and look into – not to look up to with envy.

Entertainment superstars are no better than you are simply because they have money and fame. If anything they’re more susceptible to social, mental and physical ills due to the pressure they receive to perform and entertain. Especially once money has gotten into their hands.

Too Much Attention but A Lack of Action Towards Worldly Matters

This includes the way we treat our surroundings and the world at large. Without getting too deep into this topic, it’s obvious that the way we’re treating the planet will come to haunt us in the future. (Our future generation’s lives as well)

This is mainly a problem that we’re all responsible for. Once I’ve formed my team, we’re going to help tackle these issues too. When it comes to things like mass genocide, discrimination, segregation etc – I have decided to keep away from any material concerning these ills in the world. Why? Because I’d only like to face issues that I have the ability to change. Pity and guilt won’t save the suffering. I am well aware these problems exist, but I’ll focus on them once I have the right personnel and skills to do so.

So there we have it, above I have listed the top 5 problems that inhibits people from eternal success in their environment, from a balanced life perspective.Be sure to let me know what you think – do you agree, disagree? How do you feel about the aforementioned topics?