To think differently means to believe differently. It’s better to focus on developing thoughts and beliefs that benefit you, rather than those that work against you.

This is very beneficial because we can strengthen our current belief system resulting in; more confidence, higher self-esteem, not to mention reduced effects of social ills such as anxiety and a myriad of other benefits, depending on the view point/belief you’re focusing on changing.

To Learn Is To Explore

The first method I’d like to talk about, is the ability to explore differing viewpoints of the same issue, allowing yourself to develop a unique informed opinion. The majority of us probably do this on a daily basis without even knowing. However, it refers to the idea of being convinced that our current viewpoint is weak, unsubstantiated or just downright ignorant.

Remember: “If you think what you’ve always thought, then you’ll know what you always knew”

I believe the above is key to not only solving personal problems, but also for solving problems such as racism and homophobia, because the individual can challenge what they believe to be correct. This is what I refer to as a ‘growth enabler’ – when you open yourself up to thinking differently, you are growing as a person.

The Interpretation of Ideas

Another idea you could apply the concept of exploration to, would be through the interpretation of a particular idea or thought.

Failure Is Good

When was the last time anybody said this to you?

Instead of seeing ‘failure’ as if the world has ended, why not change it’s meaning? Why not change how you interpret it? I always see failure as a good thing because I always receive feedback after my defeat. For many perfectionists however, failure is not only ‘not an option’, but is also fundamentally the worst thing that could possibly happen to them. It’s quite funny for me to bring this up because time and time again, perfectionists and people alike, seem to miss the all important hidden message behind failure.

Failure is better than ‘did not finish’ – which is better than ‘did not start’ – I dunno who

If we could analyse and interpret these necessary forces into ways that benefit us, we would lead much better lives. A word, is a word – is a word. Create and change its meaning.

Rejection Is Lovely

Each ‘no’ I receive, is equal to a stepping stone. Given to me to place where I want. It’s simply just another step closer towards my goal. It is a reaction. A reaction which gives me a hint in the form of the birth of a newly lit star, guiding me towards the way of success.

Your interpretation doesn’t even need to make sense. As long as it makes sense to you – you’re going to be the one who will have to end up carrying that torch of fire until the end. So as long as it benefits you in the long-run, as long as your newly defined beliefs and interpretations of those beliefs benefit you – who cares?