Regardless of how you may feel about your life, you are directly responsible for both the actions and inactions you decide to make.

Once you fully understand this, you can take full advantage of the titled adage.

To become successful, I have realised that it has less to do with talent or innate, genetic advantages, and more to do with the desire to achieve and the will to live.

Your rewards in life are directly proportional to the value of the service you provide. It’s quite funny how many people have the ‘desire’ to be rich, but are not willing to put in the amount of work, necessary to make it happen. It seems like a lot of people buy into the idea of a millionaire’s lifestyle: the luxurious house, swimming pool, fancy cars and unique expensive items. However, they aren’t prepared to work in order to get there.

This is a statement I keep repeating to myself after I read it for the first time in Napoleon Hill’s ’16 Laws of Success’

The Universe Rewards Action

Whether for good or bad, all the decisions you make during your day, are weighed and tallied towards your overall physical and mental make-up: that’s how our habits are born.

The same applies towards perfecting any kind of craft. How many times would you allow yourself to fail before giving up? Even the most talented athletes invest 1000’s of hours into what they love, so watching them for the first time may make you believe they are all geniuses. This isn’t particularly incorrect, however I prefer to call them ‘geniuses of hard work’.

They fully understand that you must allow something to grow and cultivate for years before the rewards can be reaped.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. – Issac Newton

It really is no wonder why the people who manage to achieve their dreams also believe in the power of abundance. Especially when it comes to money:

A man who gives away at every opportunity is always a happy man because he knows that through one way or another, it will be returned back unto him. – David Oragui

Whether you’re trying to grow plants and crops, or start a multi-million dollar enterprise – you don’t expect it to grow instantaneously, do you? Why not apply the same methodology of thinking towards your life?