Being modest and humble whilst you’re talking about your achievements with others is considered having good manners. Perfect! So what about those of us who suffer from the dangers of self-inflicted modesty?

Negative Effects of Being Too Modest

Modesty as a trait has the potential to become an infuriating habit if not properly controlled and targeted at the right things. Scaling your ideas down, is a recipe for failure as you’re subconsciously convincing yourself that your idea is either; not good enough, unacceptable or even worse yet, impossible to accomplish.

This seems to be very common in individuals who care hugely about the opinions of others, regarding their original idea or methodology of making that idea a success.

These people are bound by the cages of ‘reality’ and tradition. For example, if you were to ask an average person whether they feel you could write 350,000 words a year, you’ll probably be on the receiving end of the following:

“No that’s overly ambitious.., shouldn’t you decide on something that is a little more realistic?”


Realistic for whom!? For What!?

It pains me to say this but, the world needs you – every last one of us has the potential for greatness hidden inside of us. Are you seriously deliberating about whether your goal is possible or not? Well listen to this:

The most successful people in the world, regardless of the industry, are there because they were prepared to do something that most people were not. – David Johnson Oragui

It really isn’t a surprise why only very few people achieve success and ever-lasting happiness. It’s bad enough when society itself is placing limiters on your growth, creativity and being. However, placing limiters on yourself is even worse. Because then, you’re fighting two battles at once, it’s another vicious cycle.

This Is Your Story

One of the things I always mention to myself, is that – if your goal/dream doesn’t excite you enough to get up in the mornings to really make your mark striving towards them, then they’re probably too small or not important enough.

I truly believe that the universe is on the look out for changers. Those with great will – who have the ability to steer the ship of their own future. It is one of the fundamental requirements of a champion and a leader.

Never Hold Back

Which leads me to my final point. You shan’t never worry about the world being able to keep your brilliance in check. There are people out there now, who are doing a perfect job at that, and I can assure you they’ll make for excellent partners along your journey as well as quality competition.

So unleash everything! Someday I hope you realise that you’re something special. I hope that you’ll start to feel that this world will struggle dearly without you. It already is, just look at it today! That’s how I personally feel.

This isn’t the epitome of arrogance, but rather the epitome of truth.