The Benefits of A 9-5 Job

Everyone has been there, the 9-5 working lifestyle is the most talked about working time-frame amongst a group of young individuals who are looking forward towards embarking on their career.

Many young people I’ve spoken to, detest the idea of working 9-5 because they feel like their freedom is being taken from them.

However, I feel the problem people have with the 9-5 working lifestyle, doesn’t lie in the fact that they’re simply working from 9-5, but rather what they are doing during that period.

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They simply find the concept of ‘work’ uninspiring, especially if it fails to bring out the true potential of their creativity and talent.

I feel what people are missing from their working lives is the true essence of what a good job is, and how it makes them feel.

Hence this blog post highlights just a few of the benefits of a great 9-5 working lifestyle (though time really doesn’t have anything to do with it.)

A Great Job Inspires You Each and Every Day

Probably the greatest benefit and component of a good job is one that makes you feel inspired.

What I mean by this, is the job actually makes you feel like you’re working towards something. Something valuable, something special, and something with true meaning. You actually feel like you’re a part of something long-lasting and bigger than yourself.

A blog post I wrote a while back about the recipe for happiness, illustrates this perfectly.

We all want to be happy.

A job that is pleasurable, engaging and meaningful could be said to generate everlasting happiness.

Look at the job description for every job you’ve ever worked at. They simply tell you what you’re doing, and maybe why you’re doing it. However they don’t give you the bigger picture behind it.

They show you charts, data, trends and anything embedded with numbers – but what is the underlying purpose behind me being a ‘data entry administrator’, or a ‘social media manager’?

Why will this job make me get up everyday in the morning?

The inspiration you receive through a job which you enjoy is on a completely different level from the motivation you have to simply earn a wage. Motivation can last anywhere between 5 minutes to 2 hours, whilst inspiration on the other hand, can last beyond a lifetime.

Every business and organisation has a reason for existence, but more importantly, they have a story.

I believe that the productivity and punctuality of our workers would increase if they felt like they had a reason for being there. An objective to fulfill, and a mission to accomplish.

Pressure Is Non-Existent Due To A Positive Job Culture

Sure, you may have targets and goals that you must adhere to, but if you’re surrounded by an environment of people who support and wish to make you better – which will in-turn make the company better, then you’re in good hands.

In some cases, competition between eachother is nice because you’re all striving towards achieving something worthwhile.

I believe the best companies to work for are those who have a set of values and beliefs, and ensures that they are regularly practiced and enforced among their employees.

You Feel Satisfied

I think it’s British behaviour (or maybe it’s just human nature), to complain relentlessly after a long, hard-working day.

If I had believed every work-related story that came out of my household over the last 15+ years, I don’t think I’d ever want to work a day in my life.

When you have a great working lifestyle, the stories you’ll be sharing with your children will be those of humour, success, camaraderie, failures, learning experiences, and positive change.

Believe me, stories with positive elements at the forefront will inspire our children to look for something similar when they grow up.

Little do we realise, through verbal and non-verbal communication, we can lift up and inspire, or kill any existing morale and element of peace in the living room.

One of the last things a parent should be instilling onto their child, willingly or unwillingly, is the perils and unhappiness the world of work brings – because not all work is the same.

I have dreams and aspirations – many of them spanning a variety of categories and facets of human life.

One of them is to become an excellent father, and more specifically, I’d like to come from work to my partner and children and say…

“I had so much fun, I am satisfied.”

That is all, just seeing the smiles on their faces is enough for that happiness to continue throughout the day.