Can the pure essence of life be considered an art? I’d like to think so. There are two questions that I always find myself pondering with, never reaching any conclusions or well thought-out answers.

What does it mean to truly live? How should I live my life so that I can be truly, happy and satisfied?

The Art of Living
For me; the art of living is the understanding, that ‘life’ is a very marvellous thing – and that each day should be treated as such, something holy – rather than a common commodity.
New Day X New Opportunities = Infinite Possibilities
Only once I am able to realise this, I can feel truly alive. Most importantly, when I can wake up in the morning and treat the new day as a ‘gift’ rather than just another day – I can achieve my greatest desires. This is also the mindset of an individual who has reached a state of self-actualisation. They have surpassed the realm of basic physical realities and can quite comfortably say “I have everything a man could ever want.” They truly understand what life is about, and why it is important to them.
Beyond Physical Reality
Individuals who are able to self-actualise, understand the importance of appreciating the little things that bring happiness to their lives rather than desperately seeking commodities that are of no true value. This doesn’t mean that they lack ambition, it’s the opposite. They want to achieve more, a lot more – they have conditioned their minds towards not only making changes in their lives, where they feel change is possible. But also towards helping other people make positive changes in theirs too.This is The Art of Living. It is a phrase that serves as the embodiment of self-actualisation. You can only self-actualise by making the conscious decision to [expand your knowledge and change your beliefs]( "Why Thinking Differently Allows You To Believe Differently"). You don’t feel the need to discriminate or make rash decisions based on the physical realities of this world – your mind has already surpassed this threshold.

The Art of Living is about knowing when to focus on research, data and trends. However, it is also about being able to break away from that mold, by siding with stories and anecdotal evidence in order to give you the courage necessary to follow through on a difficult decision life-long dream.

Appreciating What You Have
For me I’m not motivated my possessions or money. Despite being far away from the state of self-actualisation and truly harnessing the power of the art of living. I do understand and can appreciate the gifts that I have already been given.Being able to truly appreciate what you currently have rather than longing for those things that you have not, is the true ability of a man who will obtain a lot in this world.

I have fewer things now and fewer people; but I’m not empty. Having and experiencing are very different. Having, was never having enough. – Rachel Naomi Remen

Applying The Art of Living To Your Life
> The key of this sort of satisfaction, is not in the world of recognition; or power, or wealth, or possessions. That this kind of peace and satisfaction at the end of a long life is about the art of living. It’s more about that, than how much we have accumulated, or who knows our name, or how much we know. – Rachel Naomi Remen