The importance of taking responsibility for your actions

First, recognize that you are not a sheep who will be satisfied with only a few nibbles of dry grass or with following the herd as they wander aimlessly, bleating and whining, all of their days. Separate yourself now from the multitude of humanity so that you will be able to control your own destiny. Remember that what others think and say and do need never influence what you think and say and do. – Og Mandino

Taking responsibility for your actions is probably the easiest way to tell whether you are both independent and truly mature.

You fully understand that:

  • The state of your mental health is your responsibility and the only one capable of changing that is you.

Being personally accountable and taking responsibility for your actions

So why do people love to blame anything and everything as the reason for their lack of success or happiness?

It’s quite simple.

In modern society, we’re brought up to not take responsibility for our actions or the position we are in today.

This is a diabolical epidemic that has given birth to entitlement mentality and a more resilient form of instant gratification.

Whilst considering the above, I do understand that there are some external environmental factors, namely: events, that are sure to prevent people from taking responsibility for their actions.

However we have to remember that the events that occur in our life; whether good or bad, are not the sole reason for the position we are in today.

It’s not about what happens, but how you respond to what happens that matters.

  • How fast you respond to events, influences the impact said events have on your life.
  • The faster you can accept the events as a ‘past event’ but also as a ‘reality’, the faster you will be able to move on with your life.

High External Locus of Control vs. High Internal Locus of Control

An individual with a high external locus of control, has the belief that it is only the external events of their life which determines the position they are in at this very moment.

To them; it is their friends, society, government and their families fault, for why they’re not successful.

If you do manage to become successful however; it is due to luck, genetics, ‘daddy’s wallet’ or here’s my favorite:

“NOT EVERYONE CAN BE BILL GATES!!!” – People, usually with high external locus of control.

An individual with a high internal locus of control, believes that he is fully responsible for the position he is in.

And that it is because of his actions and inactions (whether for good or bad) that has led him to where he is now.

It wasn’t the buses fault that he was late for work this morning, nor was it because of the fact there are at least 5 people at every bus stop leading to his workplace.

Oh no, he believes it was because he went to bed too late the previous night, that caused him to wake up late and miss the early bus he usually gets.

Not such a bad way of thinking is it?

It really is no surprise that most successful people have a high internal locus of control.

Terrible things happen to many prosperous, good people over the course of their lives too.

You don’t hear them saying: “Damn, sales are down 24% in Q1. If only those poor folk saved up when I announced my new product last fall!” However it is always the individuals who bounce back from defeat, that manage to achieve what they originally sought for.

Fall Down 7 Times? Get Up 8!

The situations you’ve dealt with in life do contribute towards the position you are in today, but only to a very small degree.

However, your current circumstances are not the reason for why you’ve been standing at the traffic lights for years, expecting someone else to hold your hand when the light turns green.

Every time the traffic light turns green, it is an opportunity.

An opportunity for growth.

And an opportunity for change.

Constantly avoiding these opportunities and acting like they do not exist will only hurt yourself in the long run.

Don’t be a wallpaper – start taking responsibility for your actions

If you were to pick any item in the world to represent yourself with, it shouldn’t be a wallpaper.

They may be pretty to look at, they don’t change. They cannot become something more.

They’re just there, watching what everybody else is doing, slating them for their actions whilst doing nothing about their own.

You are directly responsible for the position you are in today, based on the things you did or didn’t do.

  • Every decision you make in your life, contributes towards the daily tally of your physical, mental, social and environmental well-being and make-up.
  • The mind and body has the innate ability to adapt to almost any given stimuli.
  • If you’re in a negative state and you try to give your mind and body something positive: It will reject it violently.
  • If you provide the same stimuli to your mind and body 500 times, it will welcome it with open arms.