Supportive relationships are the best relationships

This cannot be disputed.

The best relationships which pass the test of time all have a few elements which set them apart from all the other failed relationships and marriages around the globe.

This article will explain just how powerful supportive relationships are, and the benefits they can provide to your well-being and life.

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The most powerful element of a successful relationship is support.

The degree to which all parties support and comfort each other in times of sadness, change, failure, war and unpredictable events determines the overall nature and vitality of a relationship.

One could even make the assertion that the levels of support offered and demonstrated by the couple would help them understand whether or not their relationship has a future.

How Support Affects a Relationship

supportive relationships

Support through difficult times strengthens a relationship

Imagine you had an all-important concert to attend to, one that you’ve trained and practiced at for months.

Your confidence in your ability to perform will be fluctuating constantly from the moment you received your invitation till the night you go out and take center stage.

On some days your singing voice is perfect.

Whilst on others you’re failing to hit a single note.

Being in a supportive relationship gives you the belief that you can do anything.

This gives you the boost you need to perform without the pressure.

More importantly, having a close partner who warms to you whenever you’re feeling down will provide you with the courage to achieve your goals.

On the contrary, imagine if you were running an online business, your products aren’t selling very well, and it looks like you won’t be able to pay the bills for that month.

You look to the corner of your eyes only to find a face conveying such abject contempt and disappointment.

Your wife is pressuring you to make serious amounts of money – fast!

All she’s interested in is her personal security and comfort.

Heck, she’s not even interested in the nature of your work.

She doesn’t say, “What’s wrong, do you need any assistance to get you through this month?” Instead the response you receive is, “you’ve got 2 months – if it’s not bringing in enough money you better have a real job lined up.”

Is that the sign of a supportive relationship?

Motivation by fear isn’t the best way to make a terrible situation better.

Whilst she may mean well, she’s not giving any signals to her partner that she supports or appreciates the efforts he is trying to make on his end.

When we receive support from our loved ones, we perform better in all walks of life because we know that if and when we fall – we’ll be caught in wool of cotton.

This allows us to recover faster and take more risks that may garner more advantages to our relationships, such as earning more money etc.

Sacrificing all our individual needs doesn’t strengthen a relationship. Mutually supporting each other’s growth does. – Ritu Ghatourey

The 2 examples above show a simple contrast between two individuals who support one another in everything they do, compared with someone who ultimately cares only about themselves.

Glance over those scenarios again and think of how the behavioural nuances of their actions can affect other areas of their partner’s life.

The Benefits of supportive relationships

supportive relationships

Make the chain of love as strong as it can be

We all know that having someone behind your back who could look after you akin to the way an emperor penguin insulates its young, is instrumental for a relationship’s success.

However there are some lesser known benefits of having a supportive relationship as a part of your overall support network.

Your success is their success

Some of the best relationships I’ve ever witnessed and experienced are those whereby all parties wants everyone involved to succeed in all of their pursuits.

These couples are some of the smartest beings in the world, since they put aside personal feelings of negative envy and jealousy, and use this energy to make the relationship stronger.

When was the last time you heard someone say,

“one of my goals in this relationship is to become a more successful, accomplished, loving person whilst helping you becoming successful – simultaneously.”

Enter James Oliver

CEO and Founder of WeMontage, James Oliver – expresses just how important having a supportive partner is for beginning a startup.

“I am an entrepreneur and I have the most amazing wife in the world.

The support I get for her is incredible.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re working on a start-up, you WILL need moral support (at a minimum) from your spouse – without it, well, I can’t even imagine how that would work.”
– James Oliver

You see, James and his wife were set to have twins at the beginning of this year.

He was striving to get his start-up into the gener8tor start-up accelerator in Madison WI, however at one point he didn’t want to go through with it.

He wanted to stay with his wife and his newly born babies.

What do you think his wife did?

She kicked him out of the hospital, literally!

“Get your ass down to Madison and rock out the accelerator because we need WeMontage to be a success.” she said.

Boom! If that’s not support – I don’t know what is.

Stress actually becomes manageable

Stress is one of the biggest plagues that steal thousands of lives yearly.

Having a supportive partner will help to detoxify this demon from the innards of your being.

Researchers from the University of California, Irvine carried out a survey assessing the reactions people have to stress from roughly 700 participants.

Those who retained negative reactions to stressful events on a day-to-day basis were more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety 10 years later.

This is where Mr and Mrs Right come in.

Judy Ford, licensed clinical support worker says that stress impacts our love and relationships more than we are aware of or acknowledge.

One of the best tips she shares on Psych Central is through comforting one another.

By understanding one another, listening to each other’s worries and focusing on comfort first before problem-solving, stress amongst all parties is heavily reduced.

Supportive Relationships

As explained above, having a relationship which built its foundation on support, love and care is sure to be one that survives throughout all the difficulties that life has to offer.

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow in their lives, however having someone next to you who you can count on will help you anticipate and look forward to tomorrow’s challenges.

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