The Harm of Social Media

With the launch of new ways to connect and share, I thought that social media would be the pioneer for the birth of social progression. I’m sad to say that it has made birth to social stagnation instead.

Services like Twitter and Facebook are very important marketing tools from a business perspective. Who would’ve thought there would be a way for you to communicate directly to millions of fans and customers with just an internet connection, and 140 characters?

The Problem

This isn’t where the problem lies however. I personally feel that these tools are great ways to complement the existing communicative abilities we already possess.

At least that’s what I thought their intended purpose was for….

Boy were I wrong, social media sites and networking is on the rise towards replacing face-to-face interaction in our world – especially for our children.

You may find this to be a ridiculous assertion, but you only need to hit a defence in it’s blind-spot to break it for good, and that is what social media has succeeded in doing to our youth.

But the fault doesn’t lie with social media. Rather, it’s the way that it is used that’s the problem.

During this TedTalk, I was completely astounded to find a picture of 3-4 girls all in the same room talking…not to themselves but to their phones – towards people who are not even there.

Despite being born in only 1991 and witnessing the growth of these technologies whilst growing up, I feel it has become a sad state of affairs in our society when you see a group of; otherwise, healthy children and adults – finding more happiness and pleasure around the events they’re not even partaking in.

Are my suspicions of the benefits of social media similar to the suspicions our parents first had, when video games were first released to the public? Potentially.

These games consoles were the worst invention to ever have been created. Children are now spending hours, from morning till night watching a screen! They should be playing outside or reading a book! That’s what we did where we were their age….- Parents

Social media has become a virtual bitch-box

I’ve read the co
nversations, I’ve heard the stories both in person and online.

The way our children use social media has created an all new virtual-clique, giving a completely new meaning to the term ‘social status’.

Can you imagine what it would be like to come home from school in 2012 and begin checking your social media accounts to see if people have been talking about you? – Oh wait, people both old and young, do that already though don’t they?

It’s as if you’ve just stepped into a virtual bitch-box. Social media is now about who has more ‘friends’, and who gets more ‘likes’ rather than about genuinely connecting people.

Our children now have to fight two battles. Ones at school, and ones on the computer.

Is this really their future?

The Misuse of Social Media

It’s not the tools themselves that are at fault, but the way that they’re used.Social media is toxic only if we abuse it.!

social media is toxic for communcation among people
Photo by Jacob Ufkes / Unsplash

How I use Social Media

I’ve come to the conclusion that if I were to use social media purely as a form of entertainment – it’s a very unproductive form of leisure. So here are the methods I adopt for social media to keep me from straying away from my work.

  • I’ve unsubscribed from every individual’s news feed on Facebook. – When I want to know what you’ve been up to, I’ll phone or text you.
  • Facebook is bloody great for making events.
  • If I weren’t running a business, I wouldn’t have Twitter, Facebook and Google + accounts – which I use ONLY for updating my customers with pertinent information.
  • Google+ circles and LinkedIn, is a good model for how social media should be used. Excellent for business, working on collaborative projects etc.
  • I only follow individuals who I genuinely want to hear from.
  • Finally, I only have updates from companies appearing on my newsfeed, it’s a great way to get the low-down on new products and services without having to filter out the generalities.

I know my methods of using social media are probably strange, but it’s the only way I can focus on actually getting things done. I just simply prefer face-to-face communication when it comes to small chatter I guess.

As every tool we are provided with, social media is toxic only we don't know how to use and we recurr to it when we're bored.