Should You Start A Blog?

I started this blog over 5 years ago.

Whilst I had no idea what it was going to become in the future, I can say now that starting a blog was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Fast-forward to today, blogging has made a profound impact on all areas of my life. From my mental health, to my relationships, career and earning potential.

If you’re wondering whether you should start a blog then this article is perfect for you.

Below I delve into 15 big reasons why you should start a blog and the benefits writing regularly can have on your life.

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## 1. It helps you write better and faster

Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of writing regularly, is how much faster, more efficient and clearer your writing becomes.

As you know, the more you do something, the better you get at it.

By writing more, your thoughts get clearer, and your ideas are refined.

I was quite the turtle at writing as I prefer to write by hand first and then type up afterwards.

However, I’m clearly in the minority as most people prefer to type than write by hand, which makes sense as a blog is practically an online journal.

At first I couldn’t pull away from my unorganised sheets of paper and A4 notepads.

Working in this way had such a detrimental impact on my productivity that I just had to change.

Now I write my main ideas on paper and then write the blog posts directly onto a text document ready for publishing.

Having a process like this has cut my writing time in half! Given that my average blog post now ranges between 1,500-2,000 words, I simply can’t go back.

In addition to cutting down your writing time, since you’re a writer you’ll be reading a lot too.

Not only your own work, but other people’s content too.

I’ve never been much of a reader; however since becoming a fully-fledged writer, consuming articles for pleasure as well as work; I’ve found my speech is much clearer and my written work needs fewer edits.

This also improves my productivity when filming YouTube videos as I can spend more time writing and less time editing.

2. Build your own audience

When you write content online, you have the potential to build an audience who visits your website regularly just to consume your content.

There is no better compliment than having a group of people who completely “get you.”

They feel you understand their problems, and can relate to you so much that they’ll subscribe, ask you questions, follow you on social media or better yet buy your products and services.

Starting a blog will get your name on the map.

Despite the fact that tens of thousands of blogs are started online daily, you have a unique voice nobody else has.

Some people have questions which can’t be answered by anybody else in the way that you can. And that’s a key reason why you should start a blog today.

You could be considered an expert or the go-to person for solving very specific problems. Or, if you write novels – for writing crime, fantasy, romance novels from an angle nobody else can.

3. You can make a massive difference to people’s lives

When my readers tell me their biggest obstacles preventing them from achieving success, I feel responsible and happy for helping them find the courage to make positive changes in their lives.

I get a small confidence boost every time someone says they like my content, or they share it or use it in a way which benefits others.

There are loads of stories about people starting blogs who have gained thousands of readers and improved the state of their communities.

Blogging regularly makes you feel like you can make a difference and a lasting impact on the lives of those who connect with you.

I write a lot about relationships, career advice, motivation and health and feel compelled to help people get on track to build the life they’ve always wanted to live.

My most popular article reaches over 7,000 people who haven’t heard of me before.

That’s a potential 84,000 people a year whose lives I’ve had a small impact on.

This wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t start a blog.

4. Opens new career opportunities and increases your earning potential

You might never have wanted to be a writer, but the act of writing regularly, whether for an online audience or for personal gratification is a skill many employers find attractive.

Just through writing consistently online, I have earned a full time job as an apprentice for one of the best marketing consultancies in the UK.

In addition to this, I also came close to bagging a $95k job for a top social media sharing company.

Through blogging, you will not just learn how to write exceedingly well.

You will also develop the skills to use blogging as a key marketing channel for growing a business online.

From HTML and CSS to email marketing, landing page creation, social media and a/b testing, you will pick up a host of digital skills that will make you an asset to any company looking to grow their online presence.

5. Starting a blog is a low-barrier entry model for setting up a business

Thousands are taking advantage of blogging as a low-barrier entry point for creating an online business.

By perfecting your writing craft, you can gain the interest of clients who would like a writer just like you to produce content for them.

As you get better you can charge upwards of $100 for written pieces.

This enables you to work on the projects you really want to work on without sacrificing your time and effort.

No matter what industry you wish to enter, with effective market research you can charge a considerable amount of money for services without giving up your life.

Most importantly, by starting a blog you increase the lifespan of your articles and stories.

You can take that same content and repurpose it into other forms of paid media such as ebooks, courses, consultancy programs, you name it.

6. No investment is required

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, blogging is free and there are many blogging platforms that allow you to create your work for free. and are examples of such platforms.

If you’re looking to create a business you own and are accountable for, I would recommend you switch to a self-hosted WordPress website, so everything is in your control.

7. Helps nurture the life skills required for success

Writing regularly is no easy feat.

It requires the ability to delay ones gratification, be ruthlessly consistent, disciplined and much more.

Organisations such as NaNoWriMo help amateur and professional writers, to acquire these life skills by writing every day for 30 days.

These are all vital life skills which are prerequisites for success.

It’s very easy to get distracted and stop where you’re at or give up all together because your blog is not gaining the traction you think it deserves.

You’re not alone in this regard, I too have struggled with blogging consistently in the past.

I always come back, but losing that consistency makes it much harder to get the rhythm back.

Simply put, blogging and writing challenges you to find your unique reason why.

Why are you blogging?

What are you writing for?

What are you trying to achieve with this?

Once you can find your reason why, it gets easier and you acquire these skills in the process.

8. Helps you get published

Jes Baker, author of Things No-one Will Tell Fat Girls started a blog: The Militant Baker a long time before she got published.

She’s an outstanding body-positive advocate, reaching over half a million people monthly whilst being featured in some of the world’s biggest magazines and publications.

She’s living proof that you don’t need a list of people “in the know”, to get ahead and make something of yourself.

Whilst I do feel like traditional publishing is an excellent way to share your work with people who would otherwise never find you; I’m a huge believer in choosing yourself.

Self-publishing has become the perfect alternative for many first-time and veteran authors to get their work seen by the world and grow their readership simultaneously.

9. Can land you speaking arrangements

In addition to getting published, starting a blog could lead to you landing speaking gigs and arrangements around the year.

Neil Patel, Founder of Quick Sprout and Co-Founder of Kissmetrics, has been blogging for over 10 years.

Now, he earns hundreds of thousands of dollars per year just from public speaking.

10. Can promote your hobby or craft

Take a look at the growth of crochet and other craft-hobbies online.

By writing about your hobby or craft you can build a loyal following of people interested in taking up a new hobby.

This could lead to a plethora of income opportunities such as advertising revenue through a YouTube channel teaching people how to crochet, or through selling an online course.

Better yet, you are positively contributing towards making your hobby more accessible, getting it into the hands of many more people, and dispelling the myths preventing people from taking it up.

For example many people believe crochet is a hobby picked up solely by elderly women but this is anything but the case.

My partner has been crocheting since she left university and has begun making her own cushion covers, blankets and is currently experimenting with Amigurumi.

I’ve seen online crochet communities everywhere and the age range whilst diverse, seems to be predominantly 21-45 year olds.

11. Creates talking opportunities which don’t occur in your day-to-day life

Every time I publish a new blog post, I read through it and generate 5-6 new ideas worth talking and writing about in the future.

When you start a blog, you will develop newfound respect for research as it helps amplify your work.

This creates talking points amongst your friends, family and co-workers as you learn new facts and acquire knowledge. Your audience who comment on your articles and write to you, will also give you ideas on what you can write about next.

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to generate a feed of future ideas, so you never get writer’s block.

12. Can Influence potential customers to buy from you

It’s a well-known fact that people buy from those they like, know and trust.

If you’ve spent years building, nurturing and serving an audience, they will be more inclined to buy something from you as opposed to a competitor who may be a cheaper alternative, simply because it’s you.

People buy from people, not websites or complicated search engine algorithm.

The more value you can provide to your audience, the faster you’ll build an audience who will stick around for the long term.

13. Has a positive effect on your mood and happiness levels

Since starting this blog, I feel at ease, less anxious and much happier.

I’m not sure if this is due to the act of writing itself (it can feel therapeutic at times), but I can say without doubt that blogging has had a lasting impact on my mental health.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m helping people make positive changes in their life.

Like everything else, it’s a hobby I’ve become passionate about and I believe your mind will be a lot clearer by emptying out the thoughts and experiences (both good and bad) on paper.

14. Build a network of like minded people and relationships

Imagine what it would to be like to have people who understand you, and what you’re about.

When you start a blog, you open doors to make connections you’d otherwise never get the opportunity to make.

Some of these will be life-long relationships.

You will connect with other bloggers who you will make friends with. These reciprocal relationships could lead anywhere, from guest posts to joint venture product launches and more.

Don’t underestimate the effect of building reciprocal, balanced relationships for your blog, your career and your life.

15. You’ll begin to live a life of purpose and meaning

As you start putting your thoughts out on the web, you will become more selective with what you produce and consume.

We are exposed to over 200 newspapers worth of information per day. If you add in the amount of media content we consume as well, you’re looking at over 50GB.

The knack for gaining happiness and clarity in my life came from being mindful of what I consume in my head.

I had to filter the crap from my digital life.

This includes my facebook feed, my inbox, the forums and communities I spent time in.

The more stories, lessons and hands-on advice you can give to your audience, the more you will be able to identify what kind of life you want to lead.

You will begin to think intentionally about what kind of person you’d like to be and this is by far my biggest benefit for starting a blog.

Have you started a blog? What obstacles are preventing you from publishing your own work online? Let me know how I can help in the forums. :)