Is Self-Employment For You?

With the growth of the internet and technology in general, coupled with the state of the economy and current unemployment rates, there has been an increase in the amount of people willing to start businesses and new enterprises.

This is good, extremely good.

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More people than ever are now making the decision and taking the initiative towards working for themselves, achieving true autonomy and creating more jobs for their local society and world at large.

Our friends, family and other members of society are beginning to make paradigm shifts in their mentality towards self-employment.

“Working for yourself is the way forward – do what you love and follow your passion.” – Friends, family and society.

Overall, this is great advice.

However due to the low barrier of entry for starting an online venture, more people are jumping in to these opportunities without a clue of what to expect or what is waiting for them.

They expect push-button formulas and strategies that will print loads of money quickly.

What they fail to realise is that they are the ones who will have to make the buttons and push them to succeed, initially.

This lack of planning and vision contributes heavily towards the inevitable lack of success and monumental failure people experience, which in turn leads to a never ending cycle of frustration until they give up for good.

It is widely reported that 90-95% of businesses close up shop within 5 years, and 98% of people fail to make a sustainable, full-time income online.

Whilst I don’t agree with these statistics in their entirety, (I’m struggling to find sources for it, but everyone keeps stating the same figures) I am left pondering to one question.

Why Is This The Case?

What secret ingredient are people missing or are unaware of, that is leading them astray?

If I’ve learnt anything anything from these statistics, and the people I’ve spoken to who have started businesses and quit, it is this:

Many people simply have personality traits that are unsuitable for running a long-term profitable business.

The truth of the matter is as follows.

Running a business online or offline is hardwork.

You’ll encounter far more problems on a daily basis than you would in regular employment that could set you back, in terms of profitability and productivity for weeks.

Organise and Prioritise

You need pristine organisational skills, with the ability to prioritise your workload on a daily and weekly basis.

You will have numerous projects to deal with at any given time, and your success will be determined by your knack to complete the most important task in your business.

Consistency Is King

Always has and always will be.

You need to show up, every single day.

The amount of seeds you plant in this kind of garden will be the amount that you reap.

Many online businesses fail due to the individual’s lack of resolve to simply get things done.

Consistency is key, everything else is a distraction.

Master The Art of Delayed Gratification

Delayed gratification is the most important skill for success in life, in conjunction with having boundless amounts of patience.

Many people simply exude frustration at the first sign of a problem, and this is an undesirable trait for succeeding in business.

Self-employment is an excellent working lifestyle because it will teach you many things you didn’t yet know about yourself.

Most importantly, it will teach you new skills, that will stay with you for life.

Self-employment will make failure your best friend, and it will punish you if you don’t adhere to a consistent but adaptable schedule.

However, for me, it was the best thing I ever did, and I would recommend it as much as eating avocados for a healthy heart.

But it isn’t for everyone.

Do your research.

Assess your skill-set and create a plan.

Is self-employment for you? Let me know your thoughts below.