## The Mental State of A Self Actualized Person
Today I would like to make a low-key announcement – I’m getting closer to being a self actualized person.

Earlier I wrote a blog post about self-actualization, what it entails and a brief overview of the characteristics of individuals who practise self-actualization and what it does for their lives.

Recently, the truth is – as ego-centric as this may sound, I am actually becoming a better person every day.

Self-actualization ties in perfectly with the art of living, that is about appreciating everything you have in front of you, rather than longing for the things you don’t have.

To a self actualized person – money is a lesser evil

Surprise, surprise the area of my life that I have completely tamed is money.

I just don’t care about money anymore, what it’s made up of, or what it can or can’t do for my life.

It’s not a factor of stress on my life , and I feel so much more happier for doing so.

There is no longer an emotional connection between myself and money, as I’ve broken the link.

The funniest part about this whole ordeal is the fact that I don’t even know how I did it.

That is what’s amazing and why I strive to be a self actualized person each day.

The benefits are immense, limitless and you don’t even know what you’ve transcended into until you think deeply about it.

I’ve always been had a positive relationship with money since childhood.

I’m good at budgeting and solving a plethora or money-induced problems.

I have a limited pool of assets totaling $5000 to be precise.

However, I still can’t help but enjoy each and everyday of my life, almost treating it like a birthday.

Why is this the case?

A Two-fold Spectacle

  • My physiological needs have been met.
  • I have begun creating a genuine service of value.

Sure, like some people I have savings goals and love to ensure my accounts are stable.

However, my opinions on money have changed considerably to the point that ‘money’ as a concept is rarely if ever, on my mind.

Looking exclusively at the second point, that has to be the biggest determinant for the way I feel right now.

All the articles I write, the newsletters I produce and the guides and products I create, makes me proud.

Doing this kind of work gives me even more courage and motivation to live a life of excellence because I know that there is at least one human being whose life will change for the better because of it.

A Balanced Life and Happiness

As I describe in the happiness equation, I don’t believe we find happiness in ‘things’ but rather through other people.

The right people more specifically.

It’s quite surreal, I have less money and less people in my life than I had 12-18 months ago, yet I feel more happier than I did back then.

My goals for the remainder of the year is to continually strengthen the link in my mind between all my positive beliefs about money, and to become more consistent in getting my message out to as many people as possible.

That’s what being a self actualized person means to me.

In each component of a balanced life, there are things you discover and learn about yourself which you never knew beforehand.

Completing the material wealth component of a balanced life taught me how to share without feelings of animosity.

And how to be more patient when trying to reach my saving goals.

I had a conversation with a family member recently which taught me simply how many people in modern society are lost.

The key phrase I kept hearing was “I want to leave this country and make lots of money.”

With my deepest condolences, I struggle to see how this person will achieve their goal.

I’ve noticed in my short life, when you put the acquisition of money as a priority, and delivering an impeccable service as an afterthought, you don’t receive nor deserve the level of freedom you’re looking for.

“Focus on serving 1 million people, instead of making $1 million dollars.”
– Dale Partridge, Author of People Over Profit

Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you live a rich life, for there are many rich people trapped within the blockade of their own mindset.

Look at all the major stresses that are currently preventing you from moving forward, for it is not the things in your life that make you happy, but rather the people around you and the nature of the service you provide.