The Perfect Recipe for Happiness – Eliminate Accreditation, Grades, Money and Rank

A lot of people search fervently for a recipe for happiness.

We accumulate more money to buy things we want.

Actively seek relationships with people we know aren’t good for us.

Remain in uninspiring careers believing that a promotion will solve all our problems.

However, these ideas could push us further away from our goals and put our lives in turmoil.

So what is the recipe for happiness? Does it even exist?

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## Introducing the Recipe for Happiness

Activities which are pleasurable, engaging and meaningful are scientifically proven to make us happy.

Pleasure + Engagement + Meaning

Pleasure: An activity that fills your soul with positive emotions: playing football with friends, going to a concert with your family, or even being intimate with loved ones.

Engagement: ‘Zoning Out’ – also referred to by athletes as being in ‘flow’. Everything around you comes to a standstill because you are so immersed and focused on a specific activity.

It’s like you’re no longer in this realm, almost as if you have become one with the activity that you’re focusing on.

Meaning: Using your energy to create a service of value which is greater than yourself.

You feel that you are a part of something grand.

Something so valuable, that will continue to grow and prosper after you die.

The recipe for happiness is simple.

It’s about realizing what matters in your own life, identifying the values you hold dear to yourself whilst focusing on something that could create love and harmony to the world.

The recipe for happiness requires all 3 elements

You need to learn how to analyse your position and the bulk of your actions.

Figure out where you’re going wrong, what isn’t working and begin your journey towards finding solutions to these problems.

So how can we do this?

Create a journal of positivity

  • Record as many ideas and feelings that come across to you during your everyday life
  • Every time you experience pleasure; recall the experience and note it down
  • Every time you’re engaged in a meaningful activity; delve deeper and figure out what specifically about this activity is bringing joy to your life at this time

What you ideally want in the end, is a plethora of ideas, experiences and questions you can use to lead you towards living a happier, more fulfilled life.

If you are focused on achieving a balanced life, then apply the recipe for happiness against each component.

  • What is pleasureable mean to me?
  • What does life mean to me?
  • What kind of person do I want to be?
  • How would I like to live?

It is possible to lead a happy life without riches, prosperity or fame.

But it’s fundamentally dependent on you finding value in your own life, and using that to improve your situation.

The perfect recipe for happiness and peace stems from your ability to redefine concepts which currently work against you, whilst destroying the beliefs which push the idea that they are a prerequisite for success.

Which concepts and ideas am I referring to? Examples include the belief that:

  • The more beautiful you look, the more valuable you are to society and the world
  • You’re not worth listening to if you’re not accredited by a nationally recognized institution
  • The richer you are, the more successful you are
  • Making mistakes and failing at life, is not ok

Why is this a recipe for happiness?

From my experience I have noticed that the less I have, the more I appreciate.

Since I changed the types of media I was consuming, I’ve felt healthier, happier and generally more positive.

You must be aware of the following sources of negative information and replace them with sources which enrich your life.

  • The television (General news and radio stations)
  • Social media (Who are you following? Do they post positive status updates?)
  • Negative friendship groups and cliques
  • The Overtly Unsupportive Girl/Boyfriend
  • Fitness magazines and online forums (Are you learning anything useful without being made to feel guilty or disgusted with your body?)

You need to remove all negative channels which feed your senses with information, and begin behaving akin to a semi-permeable cell membrane; selectively allowing certain forms of media, entertainment and people into your life.

The more we know, the less we understand

I learnt this recipe for happiness roughly 2 years after college.

My life wasn’t in the best state at the time and I was wondering why.

Such a strange would we live in.

The more we know, the less we understand. I could never quite understand why.

It was only until I recalled select memories from my childhood, that I started feeling truly happy regardless of my current situation.

Yes, I had less responsibilities back then.

But I also had less things, less people and less resources.

At 9 years old I was far happier than I was at 19. I wanted to change that.


So I started eliminating the negative beliefs that were limiting my potential.

And it all started by reading these three books:

  • The Law of Success’ by Napoleon Hill
  • How To Become A Complete An Utter Failure at Life, Work and Everything by Steve McDermott.
  • Racing Towards Excellence by Muzzafar A. Khan and Jan Sramek

Doing so taught me how to appreciate my life and the time I had, so I could utilize them to create a service of value, one that could inspire and change the lives of many people, which I believe is the embodiment of the art of living.

Greater Expectations To Succeed In All Walks of Life

It’s more difficult to be happy and content in the digital age despite the increased standard of living and life expectancy.

The expectation to succeed in today’s age is just too high.

Family, friends and wider society are telling us just how incompetent we are and how easy we have it compared to our fathers and fathers-fathers.

If you’re male, you’re pressured to:

  • Be an amazing father
  • Spend upwards of $40,000 on college education for a degree you have no idea whether you’ll use 5 years from now
  • Suppress your feelings and be emotionally vacant just because…you’re male
  • Participate on social media simply to prove you’re ‘part of the crowd’ and ‘in the know’
  • Be apart of the food chain and acquire more money to buy things you don’t need to please people you don’t like

You need to look, act, talk, dress and smell a certain way otherwise you won’t achieve any of your goals.

Because this is what society deems a ‘real man’ should be able to do.

And the same applies for women too.

However, it’s all just noise.

Noise pollution restricting our view of the world of what really matters in life.

There is too much conflicting information out there which has led to a generation of lost souls who don’t know how to be individuals.

That’s why I founded the Balanced Life Academy.

To instill powerful empowering beliefs which help people live lives worth living.

Is Society Trying To Keep Us In Line?

Are the components discussed above imposed by society in order to limit us?

No. They’re components intended to push us, with the state of our mental health as an afterthought.

However, they are also self-imposed concepts which limit us, because of how we interpret them.

What does the pressure to acquire attention, money, possessions and rank all have in common?

Perceived success.

How we’ve been taught to interpret success is an even bigger problem.

Thinking in this way is the recipe for everlasting depression, whilst the reverse is the perfect recipe for happiness.

Don’t fall for society’s trap.

Start thinking for yourself.

Start believing in yourself.

Use the recipe for happiness to start building the life you’ve always wanted to live.