Small Business Ideas Worth Starting

Planning to start your own small business?

So, you are ready for a career change. To begin your entrepreneur journey, having a profitable business idea is one important decision.

Maybe, you already have few ideas rolling in your mind but you can’t decide which one to pursue.

Well, that’s okay. Finding a great business idea requires little brainstorming so you get the best. I’m going to help you.

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No wonder, there are 100s of business ideas that you can start doing but businesses only progress if they are in-demand, well researched and offer great services.

Before you decide, it’s a good idea to look at your skills and interests. Consider these few questions to help you polish the final decision.

  • What are my skills?
  • What marketable skills I’m willing to learn?
  • Does the business idea need any research?
  • Is it really profitable?
  • How much investment do I need to operate the new business?
  • Can I achieve my life goals by pursuing this business?

These are some questions that may help you to get started.

It’s time to be your own boss and rock your own business.

I have gathered a list of 10 profitable small business ideas that you can do without huge investment.

1. E-Commerce Store

Have you got fascinated by online stores?

This is a great idea for anyone who loves working from home. Everything has an audience.

To run e-commerce store, you have to add specific products and reach out to the interested audience.

The basic requirement for starting an e-commerce store is to buy a web hosting service and an e-commerce software. With little web designing work, you are ready to operate your business online.

2. Food Services from Home

Do you love cooking or baking? If this is your best skill, consider starting a kitchen service from home.

You can even opt for personal chef, catering business or home-based baking.

This small business will not just make you money but also a good try to test your food services before opening a restaurant.

3. Accounting

Are you good at bookkeeping?

All sort of businesses need accountants to manage their money and statements. Your business could be in great demand. However, starting your own accounting firm will require a proper educational degree.

Furthermore, you will need to market yourself to get clients. As a professional accountant you’ll also require to keep yourself on high standards. In future, you may need to hire employees to distribute the work etc.

If you are pursing accountancy degree, consider starting your own accounting firm for a profitable income.

4. Blogging

Yes, you read it right. Blogging can actually turn into a great small business for anyone.

All you need to have a determination and a clear goal. From time to time, freelance bloggers are growing in numbers and making their blogs a reliable source of income.

For bloggers, there could be many reasons to start a blog. But, what if you can turn blogging into full-time business?

You can create digital products like e-courses, ebook, templates, workbooks, planners and sell them on your blog. You can monetize your blog with advertising links. Another option is to go for affiliate marketing.

Freelance blogging has become a widespread online field. Why don’t you try it?

Being a freelance blogger, I have fallen love with blogging. Not just to make money but to live a life at my own terms.

This free blogging guide helps to understand the process of content development and winning tactics for successful blogging.

5. Virtual Assistant

Ever thought about it?

Virtual assistant services are increasing in huge demand. If you have got an experience in administrative work then this might be perfect option for you.

Virtual assistants usually work from anywhere and are skilled to manage all the things for a business owner. Mostly, owners are busy and don’t have time for everything.

They hire virtual assistants to do all the tasks like answering emails, handling invoices, following up with customers, maintaining calendars etc.

6. Career Coaching

Want to help people make best career decisions?

Career coaching help people with rewarding careers. If you’ve got a background in career development then becoming a coach is the right opportunity.

As a career coach, your responsibility is to inspire people and maximize their professional potential. You need to get expert in unlocking potentials of clients and improving their leadership skills.

You can show career paths to young people for living their dream lives and pursuing goals.

However, older individuals also seek gurus for career changes. So, this business has got a lot of potential for anyone who knows about career development.

7. Cleaning Services

Does cleaning makes you feel happy? Or, do you enjoy cleaning?

Cleaning services are usually nicely paid. A number of house owners and companies need regular cleaning services. In that case, you can easily earn $30 – $40 per hour.

You can further expand the business and hire workers for cleaning.

This is a regular business and getting clients is not problematic. Even, it doesn’t require any big investment. You can start right now and collect some cash each day.

8. Personal Training Business

Personal trainers are observant and detail-oriented individuals who give instructions and coaching. These trainers work with both individual clients and groups.

Expert trainers train clients in the areas of health, fitness, physiology, recovery, nutrition, sports, exercise and more.

As a trainer, they have to teach safe techniques to their clients and monitor progress.

If you’ve background in different aspects of fitness then personal training business can be a successful business for you.

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9. Freelance Writing Business

Are you capable of writing good content?

If you are good at strong writing then definitely consider a freelance writing business. Proficient writers are making living income through their small business. Freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr are great places to get started with few writing gigs.

With time, you can expand your skills as a writer and also hire other writers to work for your business.

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10. Consulting Business

A consultant is an expert in certain field who works with clients as an advisor. Anyone can become a consultant but the person should have an extreme knowledge about the subject.

For this, there is a need of qualifications and certifications so people trust your advice. There are also other things like networking, organizing, goal setting, enhanced knowledge etc.

Consulting business have massively grown from years. You can pick any field of your expertise, or pick one of these top 20 consulting businesses.

Have this list helped you pick a small business idea? What other suggestions you have for profitable small businesses?

Let me know in the comments.

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