The prioritisation of life is one of the biggest problems most people struggle with every day.  We currently live in a society where information is controlled by the media, government and large corporations that host technology. People have become inundated with information from a myriad of sources well beyond our control; worse yet, this so called ‘information’, the type that causes viral social conditioning: what is attractive, how to behave, what proven paths in life guarantee happiness and success etc, has now taken over our lives.

Losing Control

Deciding what is important

Basically, we’re no longer sure what is important in our lives anymore – most people have become dolls who no longer feel comfortable in their own bodies.

And this is detrimental especially to the younger generations that are being exposed to millions of ‘mind-rotting’ forms of media every day.

The good news is, you can prioritise your life. Firstly, by deciding what is most important. There are two questions that need to be answered in this step; what is most important to me in life?, and what is most important to me at this particular time?

This is key.

Deciding what is of most importance to you at any particular time ties in directly with the Art of Delayed Gratification. You need to discover whether the short-term inconvenience that leads you towards your goal is an inconvenience at all?

Secondly, you also need to think for yourself and ask the following; are my current beliefs about the world and most importantly about myself, leading me to where I want to be? If not, then shouldn’t I try to change my beliefs?

Society’s Ideal Prioritisation of Life

  • Go to college
  • Get a job
  • Get married and have children
  • die and repeat the process

This isn’t depressing.

Rather it’s exhilarating!

The way you challenge the above is unique to yourself; you have fundamental control over the manner that of which you carry out each task. And you are responsible for where you end up.

Whenever I’m stuck with nowhere to go. I manage to prioritise my life by just sitting down with a pen and paper writing answers to the following questions.

  • What do I want to do/achieve?
  • Do I have the required knowledge/tools to achieve it?
  • How do I plan to achieve it?

One goal at a time

It is important that you stick to achieving one goal at a time, before moving onto the next. One of the biggest reasons a lot of people fail to achieve their goals is because they try to do too much, too soon. And this leads to… yes, you’re right, not getting anything done at all.