Is massage therapy good for pregnant women?

Are you pregnant and debating whether to get a massage or not?

There are advocates of massage therapy during pregnancy, and then there are those people who strictly prohibit pregnant women to take them.

This is why, we are making it a little easier for you, by telling you five benefits of massage therapy in pregnancy. If you are against it, you will definitely change your mind after reading this:

  • Relieves Muscular Discomfort
    With the growth of the pregnancy and the baby in the womb, expecting mothers face a lot of postural discomforts.

As pregnancy progresses, these problems only increase.

From headaches and ligament pain to restless legs and spams, everything can be treated with regular massages.

The muscular discomforts during pregnancy can be addressed through massages that lift off the strain from muscles.

The muscles of pregnant women are inclined to be stressed and pushed out-of-place due to the baby making his place in the body.

For this matter, expert massage therapists should be sought after, so that superficial massages can help in relaxing the muscles and relieving the stress in the legs.

A proper routine can be mapped out with the help of a massage therapist. With the regular massage routine, the expecting women can relax their body, lifting off the weight accumulating all around.

If they just stick to the therapy program, the nine months of growing the baby in the womb will go smoothly and peacefully.

  • Better Circulation
    Pregnancy and circulation problems go hand in hand.

This is why regular prenatal massage therapy should be taken in order to improve blood circulation.

Expecting women face trouble as far as proper blood supply to all the organs is concerned because the baby is taking up the blood too.

Due to the rapid growth of the baby and the organ displacement, the circulation is affected by a great margin.

When the blood doesn’t reach throughout the body in a proper quantity, the organs start to sleep a lot.

This can be harmful, as the doctors recommend women to be active during the term.

Getting regular massages, especially during the last month, improve the blood circulation and normalizes it again.

The pregnancy-specific massage therapy is designed in such a way that it relaxes the vessels, getting rid of any hindrances or blockage in the path of the blood.

It also decreases the swelling and inflammation in the feet and legs, which usually accompany pregnant women.

  • Improved Digestion
    During pregnancy, the rise in progesterone levels causes the digestive system of a woman to slow down.

This can cause bloating, gallbladder disease, nausea, constipation, and heartburn etc.

We all know that burping and belching a lot is one of the baggage that is generally associated with pregnancy.

As mentioned, the reason behind it is that the food isn’t digested properly and your body needs to get rid of the gas building up inside.

However, those women who are clever enough to include massage in their routine health care are protected from slow-paced digestion.

As, with proper kneading of the body and muscles, the digestive tract is taken back to its normal position and functioning.

The digestive process starts to react normally again, and there is no danger of the disease and problems that might arise due to indigestion.

These massage therapies also protect the babies from blood and nutrient deficiency.

As these massages help in absorbing the necessary food and easily get rid of unwanted stuff.

It is quite natural that if the mother is getting the proper diet and her body is digesting it normally too, the baby will also grow healthily.

So, get a nice massage chair for home and bid adieu to any digestive problem that had been bugging you and your baby.

  • Better Respiration
    The respiration is another factor that keeps most of the pregnant women worried.

Due to the growing baby and the organ displacement, most of the expecting women face difficulty while breathing properly.

Similarly, the postural changes can also affect the respiratory functions.

If the problem of respiration isn’t taken care of at the right time, it can wreak a huge havoc on the body and the baby.

As it goes without saying that breathing properly and naturally is equally important for every living being.

Getting regular massage therapies remove the burden of uneven breathing. They make the pregnant women feel that their body is starting to adjust to all the changes happening, leaving them with room to breathe better.

Moreover, if there is sinus congestion too, acupressure and a facial massage can help ease that pain.

***Those women who have asthma or related respiratory disorders should get themselves checked with the doctors first. ***

If they are shown the green light, then the best way is to contact the best possible massage therapist in the vicinity.

Chart out your own routine with the therapist and do follow it regularly. With the passage of time, the pregnant women start to adjust. But, it obviously takes some time and extreme care and precautions.

  • Reduces Stress
    It goes without saying that pregnancy is extremely stressful.

Coping up with the changes happening in the body, fear of becoming a parent and disordered hormones always keep women on edge.

It has been found that women who go through extreme stress can harm themselves and can even hinder the progress of their babies unintentionally.

During this time, prenatal massages are a life saviour.

These massage therapies are the best way to relax and to calm the raging thoughts.

In general, the massages are designed to soothe the body and mind. Therefore, with massages that are specific to pregnancies, an extreme depression and anxiety can be treated as well.

The minds get cleared, and as endorphins are released, women start to feel relaxed and the scary prospect of giving birth and becoming a mother doesn’t sound humongous anymore.

They certainly are the best way to relax your soul, and give peace to your mind.