How to overcome the obstacles which prevent career success

In my last post I covered the 5 problems I feel holds us back in the environment component. Here is an overview of the problems discussed:

  • The effect an unsupportive family has on your self-esteem.
  • The difficulty in finding the ‘right people’ to engage with on a personal level.
  • How the types of information and media you consume sways your mindset and thinking process.
  • Why young people in particular succumb to the idea that looks, money and rank is everything.
  • An outline of how we treat the world and its natural resources.

Today I’m continuing the series, moving onto the 5 biggest obstacles which prevent career success, from a balanced life perspective.

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## 1. Choosing A Career

This is one of the most difficult obstacles which prevent career success.

Why is it so difficulty for people both young and old to figure out ‘their calling’ or what they would describe as their dream job?

Well there are a variety of reasons, but the main one would probably be the limiting beliefs our parents and other authorities of life have infused upon us.

So what are these limiting beliefs?

“You can’t make money being an artist/writer/creative get a real job.”.

“Who will give you a job if you study ‘The Arts'”.

And a host of other dribble.

Our parents make us repeat the cycle, well at least they tried to.

They suggest which path you should take, and if you follow it you will become successful.

However, this is a completely false ideology.

There are no guarantees in life and most importantly, there is not one road that leads to success.

2. Failing to define what success means to you

Children should be encouraged to question every belief set by their predecessors.

Why? Because only by thinking differently will the world move forward.

Only by believing differently will you be able to progress.

If everyone thought similarly to the way people did back in the 12th century, we would not have the internet and a host of other useful things.

Advances in technology, education, the discovery of new species and medicinal improvements would have taken ten times as long to achieve what we have so far.

In my opinion, many parents push their children into fields and professions where they personally have failed to get into, let alone excel at.

This is not a good way to lead an autonomous or balanced lifestyle.

It is the suppression of a child’s creative potential and future that is the true form of social confirmation and regression.

3. Failing to define what life and work means to us

Not knowing what meaningful work means to you is one of the biggest obstacles which prevents career success.

People are confused.

Looking for the answer to all their troubles and woes.

Is there some higher being?

What are we here for?

What is our purpose?

None of these answers matter in the grand scheme of things.

What does matter however, is figuring out what life means to you.

In other words, discovering the true purpose of your existence, or giving yourself your own point in life.

Secondly, people are also perplexed about what “work” is.

Is it something where you slave out your life for a pay-check, or is it about creating a service of value, where you solve problems for people you care about.

Does your work provide you with pleasure, keep you engaged whilst constantly conveying to you it has meaning?

For some of you, work is fun purely because it fulfills the 3 components of the happiness equation.

You feel so happy that you longer even consider it work.

For me, this is the true meaning of work.

4. Disregarding your health for money to use that money to fix your health problems later

How can you achieve career success if you’re killing yourself in the process.

Earning $100k+ a year whilst working 90+ hours a week is not career success to me.

That is insanity.

I will never work at the expense of my own physical and mental health for money, unless I had starving children that needed feeding.

I have no idea what I’d do with the money anyways.

Regardless I won’t harm myself to earn more.

For me it is not necessary.

Though I can clearly see the attraction.

This problem is coupled with the idea of people accepting to work in unhealthy environments, simply because the pay is good.

Whether this is to do with the people or the apparatus around me, I would keep my options open and look for a company with a culture I respect and resonate with.

5. Being an utilitarian or below-the-belt business owner/manager

Finally, this is just one of my personal pet peeves.

I have no idea how this can prevent career success, however its one of my pet peeves.

Just because you’re a business owner and you’re competing with other companies, doesn’t mean you have to use dodgy methods in order to succeed.

I’m mainly referring to the world of online businesses and internet marketing, where marketers use black hat SEO in order to get ahead.

Maybe I’m jealous.

Lol, not really.

Building your business ethically and with transparency, whilst over-delivering for your customers needs will undoubtedly bring in more sales.

This is simply because your community – the people who understand you and the nature of your work unequivocally, will promote you simply through word of mouth.

That much, is powerful as it is.