Not Everyone Wants To Be A Millionaire – I Don’t

Money As A Motivational Tool

Money does motivate people, there is no question about that, but only up to a certain extent. However it has been well illustrated that money isn’t the holy grail of motivation and fulfilment in the work place. Money doesn’t make us more productive in the long-term, nor does it necessarily increase job satisfaction.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows that as we acquire more money, or rather – once our basic needs are met, we can only gain more happiness and fulfilment through our increased self-esteem, level of achievement, respect and love from others as well as living in a secure environment.

People care more about what money will do for them – rather than the concept of having more money in of itself.

People want more money to be able to do more stuff – to do the whatever the hell they want.

I fall into this category alot. I want capital only so I can create an organisation that teaches life skills to as many people as people. However, this is as far as it goes.

My goal in life has never been to acquire and accumulate large sums of money. Fundamentally I only care about 3 things.

  • To achieve a balanced life.
  • To teach life skills to others.
  • To be the best father I possibly can.
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### The More Your Earn – The Higher Your Living Expenses

However with me, I have grew up to be truly appreciative of money. I have become increasingly aware of what money can and cannot buy – the things it can add to my life, and the things it can take away.

I live my life due to function, not physical attraction. Adding more money to the mix will not improve the core components which make up who I am. Crazily enough, I am still using my Samsung D500 from 2005 (and it has a broken screen. And soon enough I will upgrade it, but only when I feel it is necessary.

Do You Really Want To Be A Millionaire?

  • How and why do you feel it will improve the quality of your life?

Online entrepreneur and productivity hack, Scott H Young wrote a blog post on whether getting rich is worth it. Here are a few excerpts:

Other rich responders were less enthusiastic. Another writes:
“Made $20M on second start-up. Finally, real f’you money. I feel no better. Yes, I bought a better house. I didn’t even bother to buy nicer cars. Who cares. I just bought some more jeans. Look, I am intellectually proud and gratified to have this money. But it didn’t buy my freedom, which I had from before. It didn’t improve the quality of my life.

Just like me, Scott regularly asks people the same question “would an extraordinary amount of money improve the quality of your life?”

The responses are nearly universal. They would be ecstatic to have such wealth, and can’t comprehend why those spoiled, ungrateful rich people aren’t living in utopia.

I imagine even now many of you are rolling your eyes at even the mention of rich people complaining about being rich. But that’s exactly my point. Why are our intuitions so different from reality? If being fabulously rich is only a moderate boost to happiness, why don’t we see it that way, in advance? – Scott H Young

And the answer is painstakingly obvious: because we haven’t experienced it

We are still yet to experience the thrill of being able to spend copious amounts of money without thinking about budgets and savings etc.

In fact I’d harbour a guess to say the idea of having access to large amounts of money is similar to colour psychology: why a large enticing green/red button will make you more inclined to purchase an item rather than a black/grey one.

The belief that a luxurious millionaire’s lifestyle is full of rainbows and never ending worry is built through false hope, advertising and gross propaganda.

It’s like the circle jerking that occurs in the cliques of young male-centric groups. When you’re a male virgin aged 16-18, people around you begin promoting sex as the crème de la crème of human pleasure. Believe you me they will make excellent salesmen and copywriters from the tone and overall scope of their vocabulary.

Do you want to be a millionaire? Are you convinced that it will improve the quality of your life? Let’s have a discussion below!