It is a phrase I hope I’ll never apply to myself during my life: It is one of the conversations I hope to never have.

I believe people are born predominantly as learners – as experimenters, and wanderers even more so. Every single day we are absorbing 1000’s of pieces of information.

For the most part, we have control over quite a lot of information in our lives. However, the majority of us accepts what is given, rather than trying to obtain the information required for pursuing our greatest interests.

The moment you truly die, is when you say “I want to stop learning.” -David Oragui

You’re effectively saying that, you no longer wish to expand your knowledge, skills, beliefs or yourself.

This topic ties in very well with my post on – Do You Behave Like You Were Made In A Factory. I personally love to dabble in a bit of everything; learning new skills, expanding my horizons, and understanding myself and others better.

I truly believe that the key to world peace is already present. Present through those who are willing to constantly provide their minds with new stimuli in order to improve themselves every day.

Education has changed

The more experiences you have, the more equipped you are for solving problems at large.

Learning, has been the single, most important concept that has driven all science and technology forward till this date. Almost every invention has been realised through pure curiosity.

The problem I feel some people have, is that they believe there is only one way to learn – usually through formal education. However, I am glad that organisations such as Khan’s Academy and Coursera, have changed the landscape of the current education system. There is less of an importance on simply remembering strange facts and definitions, and more about getting the student engaged and immersed in the material.

To Learn Is To Change

  • To learn means for me to accept when I am wrong; to understand that my position is not everlasting, and that I’m not superior to anybody. I personally take pride in learning from five-year olds, I’m sure psychologists do too, so why don’t you?
  • To see that my beliefs can and will change overtime, as long as I at least begin opening my mind to that change.
  • Learning for me means, being able to change or strengthen an original viewpoint by constantly exposing myself to that particular perspective.
  • For me, you, your family and friends: Learning is an everlasting process. Through it, you can find harmony, love, dedication and belief – without it, you may find yourself with nothing.
  • And this can be applied to any facet of life.

I find it quite disheartening that young people in particular, don’t have any financial and relationship education. However, I feel both can be learnt, like everything, if the individual is willing to pursue it.