Is going to the gym right for you?

Many people just like you ask themselves whether the gym will help them reach their fitness and weight goals.

Should I join a gym or workout at home?

The answer to this question is relatively easy – it’s entirely dependent on your goals.

Whether you should go to the gym or not depends on your goals

If your goal is to get strong and huge.

To be built like a tank, full of striations whilst making all kinds of gains, then the gym is probably your best bet for achieving your goals.

The great benefit of doing compound exercises in the gym is that they work two or more muscles at the same time. (Though tbh, I don’t believe that there are exercises out there that work only 1 muscle.)

The gym is a great choice for losing weight, building mass or if you simply want to get strong.

However, there are some people out there who prefer an alternative.

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## What are the alternatives to the gym?

Some of us (like me) simply don’t find the gym a very attractive option when it comes to achieving our weight/strength goals. And for the most part, we’re not talking about the atmosphere, the ever prevalent immaturity and competitive nature of “bro culture”. These qualities only seem to present themselves on online bodybuilding forums.

Just because we don’t want to go to the gym doesn’t make us lazy, unambitious individuals who are unwilling to put in the work.

The gym just isn’t for us – get over it.

There are alternatives for achieving these same goals, and it all depends on your motivational factor.

My exercise goals are simple: to learn how to move my body effectively in free space, to become flexible and to get strong.

Bodyweight movement exercises and yoga are extremely helpful for reaching these goals.

The truth of the matter is as follows:

You can lose weight at home, and you can gain muscle and weight at home. However, the result you receive is dependent on your exercise goals and your motivational factor.

Once you know exactly what you want, and why you want it, (think about the intrinsic motivational factors) you’ll be able to choose the method that you resonate with best.

The majority of us are people who have a lot responsibilities and time constraints in our daily lives. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have time for exercise – that’s just a hopeless excuse.

However, I follow the adage that you should plan your workouts around your life, not your life around your workouts.

My reasons for exercising

I train to make my life easier and to create a body that matters.

A body that can protect the people I truly care about. However, since I am a balanced life practitioner, with the physical health component being the most important of a balanced life, I strive for excellence.

This is what Matt Emery: Founder of Caveman Power had to say.

“People are relying too much on the science of fitness as opposed to just “having a go” – it’s like we’re desperately trying to get fit without having to do anything. Gyms have become the modern day equivalent to libraries… very quiet. The culture at the gym is this; don’t sweat, be quiet, and be gentle with the equipment…”
Matt Emery – Is The Gym Necessary For Fitness

A somewhat biased source nonetheless.

Here is an excerpt from an article on weight training from Gold Medal Bodies

“Who should lift weights?

Deciding whether or not to use weights in your training is like anything else you choose to do. Ask yourself: What’s my goal?
Depending on that goal, there are different ways to reach it:

    • If you want to lose unwanted fat, you need to change your eating habits.
  • If you want to be a handbalancer, you need to learn bodyweight control.
  • If you are an underweight teenager, then (relatively) heavy weight lifting and eating everything in sight is a good plan.

And of course, if your goal is to improve body control while building strength across a wide variety of movement patterns, the GMB Curriculum is at your disposal.” – Jarlo Ilano – Why You Guys No Lift Weights.

What are your exercise goals?

Do you go to the gym or feel it is necessary for your goals? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

If building a body you can count on is truly important to you, then you MUST exercise and eat in a way which is aligned to this goal.

But how do I create a good workout routine for my needs?

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