How To Make Your Relationship Better

1. Have Faith and Trust in Your Partner

Don’t let any lingering insecurities damage your relationship.

If they are present, eliminate them to the best of your ability.

If there are any aspects of your relationship that you feel needs stringent work or improvement, be sure to effectively communicate with your partner.

Keeping these thoughts and feelings inside will only serve to hurt you in the long run.

Whether that may be issues relating to your partner’s behaviour towards the opposite sex, or their lack of appreciation towards a particular aspect of the relationship.

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2. Learn how to communicate effectively

As in every relationship, communication is key.

Make sure your partner is aware of your true feelings and morale towards the relationship.

Many people make the mistake of hiding their feelings due to fear of losing the one they love.

The problem with this is obvious; you can’t act on what you don’t know or are unaware of.

Make it easy for your partner to ‘decipher’ your feelings.

Don’t communicate in code.

The more straightforward you are regarding a pressing matter, the more likely you are to receive an equally straightforward answer.

3. Schedule discussions in advance to solve problems

How effectiveness of this technique depends entirely on the partners in question.

I would also recommend this for families as well, since it’s great for setting aside differences, creating solutions and most importantly to talk about ideas.

If utilised properly, it can completely reshape and change the paradigm of the entire relationship.

Decide with your partner when you feel would be the best time(s) to discuss potential issues and especially ideas towards improving the relationship and making it last.

Now hold on, we’re not here to treat our weekly/monthly talk/review as if we’re speaking to a dejected advisor at the local job centre.

We’re trying to have as much fun as possible whilst we’re in the relationship.

Treating our conversations like they’re a series of battles is a recipe for monumental failure.

This is the perfect opportunity to talk about finances, and to take pleasure in making joint decisions solely for strengthening the vitality of our relationships.

It is, whatever you want it to be, but my sole reason for recommending this tip is because….

  • A relationship is supposed to complement and augment your life.
  • Naturally, you should be more inclined to make advances that will augment your life.
  • You should improve yourself in every area and grow whilst your relationship is growing.

The Problem

The main reason many relationships sink like quick sand, is due to one or more parties displaying unwavering stubbornness to not only improve their relationship, but most importantly, to improve themselves.

If you ‘let yourself go.’, whether that’s mentally or physically, you’re effectively destroying the entire framework that your relationship is built upon.

A girl I know who recently had her relationship axed said..

I think I got too comfortable in the relationship, let myself go and stopped making an effort.

But doesn’t everyone?

Just because you’re getting used to the situation you’re in, doesn’t mean you should stop making an effort.

Meaningful Ways To Boost The Vitality of Your Relationship

Finally, here are a few minor things you can do to add some extra kick in your relationships to prevent them from becoming stale and monotonous.

  • Show genuine appreciation.
  • Do something special to lift up his/her mood – cook for them, buy them something they’ve always wanted
  • Put them first!
  • Actively do new things: Create more memories together!: whether that’s travelling, or a completely new experience all together.
  • Add more ‘elements’ of surprise when you have sex.
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