Today, we’ll be exploring the importance of building a body that matters and the main motivations behind why myself, and other practitioners regularly partake in exercise and bodybuilding activities.

In addition we will be covering the following topics that will truly capture the essence of why building a strong, dependable body is important for cultivating a balanced life.

What Does It Mean To Build A Body That Matters?

Fundamentally, it means to build a body that you can rely on, both in sickness and health – at all times.

Many of us are living our lives in restricted vessels. We’re out of shape and in ill-health due to our actions and inaction.

Looking beneath the surface, I’d say there is a strong lack of appreciation towards our bodies.

And this lack of appreciation has become so big that there is now a lack of appreciation towards not only our lives but to the concept of ‘life’ and ‘living’ itself.

A body that you can depend on won’t restrict you; instead it’ll push you further, to reach goals which you thought were previously impossible.

When you possess a body that isn’t limited by a lack of strength, hand-eye coordination, agility or flexibility – the glass ceiling blocking your creative juices in all walks of life is lifted.

Why is this?

Firstly, it is because you are moving in a way that you have never moved before.

Doing so ensures you are building new neural pathways within your muscles and nervous system that will strengthen overtime from providing your body with new stimuli.

Secondly, you will begin to get a better understanding of how your body works, which will in-turn make you understand yourself better.

As mentioned in a previous post, the journey towards a balanced life is fundamentally about personal mastery, so being able to move with freedom, helps you get closer to that mental state.

Build a body that will last a long time

Don’t give into the excuse some people utter, that there is no point working out regularly, as "even fit people die from heart attacks".

That depressing statement can be applied to any facet of life.

In that case, you might as well sit around and do nothing at all for 80+ years, since we all share the same ‘fate’.

On a more serious note, having a body that will last a long time is something most people want.

This is clearly achieved through the foods we eat, the amount of sleep we get and the substances we put into our bodies.

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, the human body is a very strong vessel.

The only reason it looks weak is because most people are weak, i.e. they don’t look after themselves properly.

Our bodies are actually capable of exerting great feats of strength, balance and flexibility that can help get the owner out of trouble.

‘Unfortunately’ it just requires a lot of work to get there.

But this is precisely why I’ve invested so much time and energy into building a body that matters.

It is the one and only thing I truly own.

A machine given to me at birth, that must be returned at death.

Build A Body To Have Fun With

On a brighter note, being in possession of a really strong body provides many benefits beyond ‘health’

Namely, you can have fun with it, experiment, play, share and most importantly, inspire others.

Being able to showcase movements which display strength, balance, clarity, happiness and inspiration will help others to take a look at their lives a little more clearly.

It is precisely one of the reasons why I took up yoga.

It’s not to show off (not entirely!), but to express the story of my body; its growth and motivations, purely through the act of moving in free space.

It’s all about play at the end of the day, and being in a state of flow.

Whilst bodybuilding also provides some of these benefits, I don’t want to feel like I’m doing a workout in a cage.

Simply put, I want to interact with the world – and bodyweight training allows me to do that.

Building a body that matters is about creating a body that makes you feel good, both in mind and spirit.

A body that gives you confidence as you walk along the street with your head facing forwards, one that heightens your self-esteem and gives you the belief that you are capable of anything.

Finally, obtaining a body that can protect other people is probably the most important reason/benefit for going on a journey towards balancing your physical health.

The dream of every parent is to see their children growing up; to be there during every step of the way, therefore looking after your health is the best way you can ensure this dream can be realised.

How To Build A Body That Matters

There are a few elements that are required to build a body that matters. They are as follows:

  • Figure out what is the real meaning behind your body’s existence: What story do you wish to tell, what are your true motivations; are they internal or external?
  • If you consider your body to be a vehicle which allows you to do “stuff”, what sort of “stuff” do you want your body to be able to do? Answering this question will also help you figure out the type of training you wish to invest your time in.
  • Get yourself an education: You need to understand what types of food, and of which quantities will allow you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.
  • Construct an exercise regime that will help you build this body that you want, and make sure you follow through!

Build A Body That Matters

As a balanced life practitioner, I can help you acquire all of the above whilst you’re on your quest to build a body that matters.

The physical health component of a balanced life will take you through all the mentioned prerequisites above.

From helping you decide what type of physical activity you wish to partake in (which is best suited for your goals), all the way to helping you construct a healthy diet plan that you will follow, until the end.

To make the process much easier, I have created a road-map that will essentially hold your hand along your journey from “Zero” to “Balance”. With ‘zero’ being your starting point, and ‘balance’ being your goal.

It is hard work, but so is anything else worth doing.

Come and join the rest of us who are making inroads towards building a body that matters.