How Your Attitude Towards Food Impacts Your Weight Goals

If you have a negative mindset regarding everything related to food, you will undoubtedly fail in your quest to lose or gain weight.

Many people who wish to lose weight or gain weight, are simply uninformed about what really needs to be done in order to achieve their goals.

People who desire weight loss are convinced that ‘fat is bad’ and those who desire weight gain always over-exaggerate the amount they consume.

Sandwiches, crisps and chocolate contain barely any valuable sources of nutrition let alone do they possess the quality protein and/or fat required to promote healthy weight gain.

The above is just some simple examples indicating that one’s belief system must be changed.

Lack of Knowledge

Your attitude towards food and exercise is critically important for making continuous progress towards your goals, not only in your physical health but in almost every other facet of life.

The amounts and types of food you consume also contributes heavily towards your overall mood and mental health.

It isn’t just about positive thinking and having the perseverance to push through any obstacle that comes in between yourself and your goal.

One of the main reasons people struggle to achieve their weight goals besides having a lack of action and discipline, is simply due to possessing knowledge which doesn't serve them well.

Appreciation for Food

In my opinion, our attitude towards food in general has the 2nd highest influence on the success and failure of our weight goals.

Have you ever asked yourself “what does food mean to me?”.

Is it just another tool that you must consume to see out the day, or is it a gift that has been handed down to you to savour and appreciate?

You may think I’m going overboard with this, but this is the approach we use for every individual we coach who wishes to reach a specific weight goal in the future.

I strongly feel that food should be appreciated in every sense.

I guarantee that you would be more likely to achieve your weight goals if you issued some genuine food honour.

Don’t treat food as the enemy, but rather as your friend – becuase it provides you the energy to live a healthy life.

But like every friend, if you use and abuse them – you’ll eventually be left alone to pick up the pieces.