How To Make Dieting Fun

Contrary to popular belief, adding more ‘fun’ and less pain towards your goals give you a higher chance of succeeding because you’ll feel refreshed every day.

You won’t consider it ‘work’ as you’ve buried that concept by including more energy-driven elements into your life.

Remember, fun doesn’t always mean easy; it means ‘enjoyable’, and here are two ways to add this element in your quest for weight gain or weightloss.

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Embrace Failure

This is my personal favourite, once you eliminate expectation welcome failure with open arms, magical things begin to happen.

  • Eliminate frustration
  • Begin holding yourself personally accountable for your success.

No matter what exercise programme or diet expert you follow, there are no guarantees that the plan they’ve set up will work for you. Your success will come partly from your knack to be able to tinker any given programme to your own needs.

I describe the acceptance of failure as an element of fun because trial and error is required for success in every facet of life.

There is a strong chance that you are going to fail.



Maybe even 10 times.

But so what? This is all part of the game.

You only truly fail when you decide to quit and from my experience whenever I have quit, I was so close to succeeding than I originally thought.

Change Your Motivational Factor

Probably the most important part of this post. If you’re attempting to achieve a goal with external motivational factor, you’re going to struggle.

  • To look good for men/women
  • So my friends can stop teasing me
  • To match ‘X’ celebrity cause the media knows me better than I do…

I have NEVER succeeded at any goal where my motivation was derived by external factors.

It just doesn’t sit well with me because I’m essentially changing my body for the approval of other people and approaching a goal in this way is damaging for the state of my self-esteem.

This adds an element of fun to your diet and exercise regime, because you no longer have to prove yourself to anybody, except yourself of course.

Your diet and exercise regime becomes a fun process because you’re no longer doing this for acknowledgement, but rather because you want to be healthy, strong and confident in who you are.

You effectively have the desire to create evidence for yourself in favour of achieving something, through making a positive change in your life.

Diet With Peace – Not Pain

There are so many negative connotations towards the terms ‘diet’ and ‘workout’, which leads people astray from completing and achieving their weight related goals.

Firstly, diets are perceived to be a soul destroying concept, believed to consist of bouts of starvation and perpetual cutting down of food, all with the same intention of losing weight.

It is no surprise ‘diet’ is coined in this way, when you have a plethora of confusing and contradictory nutritional information at your fingertips via the ever growing medium called the internet.

The word ‘diet’ has become synonymous with weight loss, but herein lies the problem.

Diet as a concept is not about weight loss or weight gain.

It is simply the culmination of what you eat over a week.

I’m beginning to get the strange feeling that the term diet (99% of the time used in a weight loss context), has the potential to cause great damage to an individual’s self-esteem because they lack one very important ingredient when constructing their diet – FUN.

Think about it, when was the last time you constructed a diet that made you actually look forward to consuming it?

In my opinion if an individual wants to lose or gain weight effectively, they need to look forward to their meals everyday.

And you can only achieve this by adding in some elements of fun, which in turn helps to tame the beast known as consistency.


As we both know, consistency is a prerequisite to succeeding in anything you do, but consistently enforcing negative ideas into your head about a particular ideology you intend to succeed with, is frankly suicide.

People think they’re so cool saying “no pain, no gain.”, but pain isn’t always required to achieve everything in life.

Sometimes training hard and eating right can be a fun process and not everything in life has to be a battle.

We just need to monitor how we think and approach particular factors which contribute towards our success and failure in our goals.

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