How to Make 100 Dollars a Day

If you made $100 per day, you would come up to at least $2200 if you didn’t work on weekends. If you include Saturdays, the earnings will go up to $2700. I would say that’s a decent payment. It will cover the bills and leave you with enough money to enjoy life.

The only question is: how do you make 100 dollars a day?

We’ll list few methods that will help you earn that money. We will include options that you can turn into jobs, but we’ll also throw in some tips for making $100 when you need them.

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## 1. Sell something

You can sell your old tablet, some clothes, jewelry, art pieces, or whatever else you have. This method is an easy fix when you have a financial gap to fill in. The easiest way to sell is through eBay.

The moment you make your first sale, you’ll understand how easy that works: there’s a customer for each item out there.

This can be a short-term opportunity for earning money, but you can also turn it into a business. Buy makeup, toys, and other wholesale items. Then, sell them for a higher price. This strategy does need an investment, but you can turn it into a great source of income if you make the eBay store successful.

2. Freelance makeup artist / hair stylist

On an average, a wedding hair and makeup package costs $180. That doesn’t include trial hair and makeup, which costs additional $60.

Think about it: the bride isn’t the only one who needs makeup on this special day.

She usually comes with the bridesmaids and her mother. They get their hair and makeup done for a lower price – around $150 for each. Did you do the math?

Now, this career does require some investment. First of all, you need great talent, and you do need a certificate. You’ll invest a lot of money to buy the best products and brushes.

Once you make it through the competition, though, you’ll be making hundreds of dollars per day.

Keep in mind that this career is not focused on brides and special occasions only. You can also target fashion shows and photo shoots.

3. Write essays for essay writing companies

You would be surprised how many people make great money through writing. This method offers few opportunities:

  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • Writing articles for magazines and newspapers

All these opportunities are great, but it takes a lot of effort to get a post accepted and not many blogs and magazines pay good money.

If you wanted to earn through your own blog, you would have to try really hard to make it successful before getting some money out of it.

We suggest something more effective: become part of the team of companies that write essays.

If you’re great at academic writing, you can easily find a top-notch service that will accept you in its team.

These companies pay around $20 per page of content. If you write quickly and effectively for orders with short deadlines, you can earn $50 per page. Only few pages of content per day are enough to get you $100.

4. Stock photography

Are you a great photographer? You don’t even need to invest thousands of dollars into equipment; your bridge camera and decent Photoshop skills can help you earn money by selling stock photos on sites such as Shutterstock and iStock.

You only need to get approved as a contributor. Then, you can start uploading photos, and you’ll be getting a decent percentage of each sale the site makes for you.

If you have high-quality photos that are well-targeted with keywords, you can easily start earning $100 per day with your photography skills.

5. Freelancing

Upwork, Guru, and other platforms offer great opportunities for freelancers.

Writers, coders, designers, translators, architects, data scientists… everyone has a chance to earn money through freelancing. You can start a profile for free and start applying to gigs that are relevant to your skills.

The only problem with these sites is that most of the clients tend to pay less than you deserve. However, if you have great skills and you target only the good clients, you won’t have troubles with low or missed payments.

6. Teaching through an online platform

Udemy is an e-learning website that helps thousands of people from all around the world to learn the things they want to know. The site offers you a chance to start making money as an instructor.

You will need to create courses for online students, but that’s not too difficult to do given the fact that the platform gives you all the tools you need.

If you have a great load of knowledge and you know how to share it with students, this is a great way to start making (more than) $100 per day.

We live in a world that offers too many opportunities for making money. It’s not okay to sit at home and watch TV shows while waiting for a job to surprise us out of nowhere. Explore your opportunities! Focus on a goal and you’ll definitely start earning even more money than you need.