Here is my take on this ever pressing matter and popular question which latches on in the minds of many people today.

Three is more than enough for most people.

There I said it.

Why Do We Feel Unhappy In Our Social Groups?

We live in a world where it’s so easy to fall into a volatile friendship group, jump in and claim that our needs are being met. However, being in the presence of such cliques will inevitably lower our confidence and self-worth.

You’re well aware of the types of groups I’m referring to.

They’ll torment you.

Belittle you.

And in many cases ostracise you completely.

They will use you for their own good, and once they’ve had enough fun with you, they’ll toss you onto the wayside.

This is not what a friend is.

Unsurprisingly, this is very common in romantic relationships too.

However, you are responsible for the nature of your daily ramblings and conversations.

If you don’t like the smell of the air, go somewhere else and create your own atmosphere.

Focus on quality over quantity

How many friends we need, is a question which is irrelevant towards the goal we’re trying to achieve.

The goal of achieving happiness in our lives.

Don’t focus on the number of friends you have, but rather on what friendship as a concept means to you.

You need to go through a filtering process before deciding whether someone should become a major part of your life.

Do they really have the qualities which make up a true friend?

Most importantly do they practice the trinity of trust, honesty and respect at all times?

How the quality of your relationships influences your happiness

The quality of your relationships influence your happiness in the following ways:

  • If you regularly spend time with people who encourage you, and have a general positive outlook on the world, you will also feel and behave in a similar way
  • Good relationships which focus on the trinity of trust, honesty and respect as a priority, will boost your self-esteem
  • When we are upset, we’re not interested in how many people are there to tend to our wounds. But rather as ‘who’ is there. We’re just glad that there is someone who cares about us.

Whether you have one person you could count on, or one thousand – you are truly lucky because many people don’t have any.

Define What Friendship Means To You

The benefits of defining what friendship means to you are plenty. Here are a few:

  • You’ll no longer accept the first thing that crawls up to you. You’re still open to meeting new people, however the word ‘friend’ means a lot more to you
  • The friends you do have will be much more tightly knit: You’ll take it upon yourself to carve out your own niche, therefore attracting people with similar interests and values to yourself
  • You will no longer be afraid of being alone, and will begin embracing solitude as you know overtime, that you will attract the right people into your life

The number of friends you need in life is equal to the amount required for you to feel content, worthy, accepted and loved.

For the majority and myself, all we need is one.