Below are in-depth descriptions about what I believe are the 6 most important forces in the universe that needs to be harnessed for everlasting happiness and excellence.


The failure/success dichotomy is a force that we struggle to harness everyday. We live our lives through the notion that failure is bad, and success is good; but, whilst on paper this may be the reality, we should look for the hidden meanings within these terms.

The problem with failure is that it’s not a wholly negative concept. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually a positive. Failure isn’t the problem – it never was and never will be. The problem is in our interpretation of failure, the beliefs we’ve been led to believe through our environment and the variety of mediums used to distribute information.

Our goal here is to understand failure as a requirement for not only success but for our ability to learn, and to grow as individuals. That’s the true meaning behind failure, and the benefits it brings as a force.

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Delayed Gratification

The art of delayed gratification is the ability to disregard pleasurable activities in order to stay focused and productive, in terms of fulfilling your goals through activities which don’t necessarily improve your mood or provide entertainment. It is a required trait for everlasting happiness and excellence because you will have to make decisions in your life, everyday, that will determine who you become in the future.

This heavily contributes towards your maturity levels, as an individual who has mastered the art of delayed gratification understands fully, that they are responsible; not only for their life, but also for the position they are in today. They don’t need to lay the blame on anyone else (even indirectly), because they have a very high internal locus of control. In order words, they took the future of their lives in their own hands, and thus are inevitably on the road to success.

Delayed gratification also plays a large role in habit replacement with techniques such as progressive will-power.

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Perseverance and The Will To Live

This is a 90% mental, and a 10% physical trait. Refers to the ability to keep on going throughout the desert of despair – or as I prefer to call it – The Chamber of Hell. It’s simply the ability and willingness to never give up, no matter what adversaries you may meet.

This force is the hardest to master and cannot be taught. The individuals who manage to break through every obstacle put in front of them are guaranteed (almost) to succeed at anything they put their mind towards. They’re willing to put their lives on the line for what they believe in – they feel so strongly about their goals, that you could practically call them ‘geniuses of hardwork’. In other words, they believe they have something to prove – not only to the world, but to themselves.

Most importantly however, they believe their lives have meaning, and have constructed an incredibly resilient belief system that benefits them, not only in places where they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but also when they’ve been thrown into a hole. A hole so deep that they don’t know which way is up. This is what it means to have the will to live, another necessary component of an individual who has become a champion of life, and has reached the state of self-actualisation.

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Intermission: The Universe Rewards Action:

Whether for good or bad, an action is the the driving force behind every movement and decision. Just remember this: Taking an action and falling on your face , is better than not taking an action, and still remaining unaware of what your limits and capabilities are.

The Unknown

The #1 component that prevents people from following through on their dreams and aspirations – uncertainty. It’s because there is no golden bullet of guaranteed success – that is the reason why people can’t move forward. Especially when it comes to being a creative. People are led to believe that stability and security is the only way forward. This isn’t true. You could lose your job tomorrow, scratch that, you might not even be alive tomorrow.

People love social proof and the validation from others seems to be their only worthwhile goal in life. People love data; they want numbers, trends and statistics that prove their decisions are correct, just and true.

People live in a bubble of accreditation, where grades, money and rank are everything in this world. Should I go to university? “Everybody else is doing it, so it must be the next step in life – regardless of whether I enjoy my subject or not.” Should I start a business? “Well 90% of businesses fail within 5 years so that’s out of the question. Besides the economy is poor now, right?”

Should I get married? “All my peers are married or want to be married, so it must a good thing right?/70% of marriages end in divorce now, so no – I won’t think about my values and beliefs regarding relationships, or my ability to attract someone who wants similar things in life to me”…..uncertainty.


Potentially my favourite force. An individual who has mastered the power of abundance, believes first and foremost: “There is enough for everybody.” This is particularly prevalent with regards to money. They’re simply not interested in the acquisition and accumulation of money. They’re more focused on delivering services of value to their communities.

In addition to this, they prefer to give money away, with a good heart, to those who need it more. They fully understand the win-win situation here, by giving away assets, services and objects of value, they are in fact multiplying the effect of the rewards which will be bestowed upon them. It’s less about the law of attraction, and more about giving things away without an ounce of animosity.

Finally, these individuals are quite frankly a rare breed of people: They have eliminated all self-interest and expectation theory in favour of delivering the best possible service to people they care about. They believe in the power of abundance – if I give some away to you, it will be returned to me in some form, later.

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The Light and The Darkness

This force is similar to the unknown, but different in that people are scared of success, rather than failure. For many this may sound strange or downright illogical, but I’ve found this to be common in many people. It is not the darkness that we are afraid of – its the light. The light symbolises a beacon of truth. People are afraid of their true selves, their capabilities and their utmost potential. So they block it with negative feelings and convince themselves that it’s the darkness they’re truly afraid of.

It is very funny indeed. What would happen if you were to eclipse ‘light’ with a dense, opaque object? Darkness ensues right? Correct. However, the darkness is not our enemy, but our friend. All the negative thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself and the world have been fused into a massive ball of energy. This isn’t wholly terrible however. Remember, that where there is darkness, there is also light.

For me, the light and the darkness are one in the same. Formed from the feelings and attitudes of its parent – you!. I have the ability to change my thoughts, feelings and beliefs to those that benefit me at will, and that is the goal for mastering this force.

The above 6/7 forces, are a requirement for not only lasting success, but for generating peace within the world and within ourselves.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Ghandi

This, for me, is part of that change. If I can achieve a balanced life and master these forces, I’ll be well on the way to achieving true self-actualisation whilst making the world a better place at the same time.