Is Your Relationship Too Comfortable?

Getting too comfortable in a relationship is one of the first signs of inevitable relationship breakdown.

Little do we realise, when we get too comfortable, we also run the risk of taking our partner for granted.

There are plenty of reasons why this may occur in our relationships. So today I’ll be discussing how you can tell if you’re getting too comfortable in your relationship and what you can do to inject life back into it.

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A lack of effort

It’s human behaviour to revert back to being yourself once a relationship has cemented itself and things are going generally well for everyone involved.

During the courting process and initial stages of a relationship, we put in a lot of effort to look good and behave well in order to keep our love interest in awe of how great we think we are.

We’re sure to wear the most flattering clothing, whilst putting in extra effort to maintain pristine hygiene and physical excellence.

Hey! Humans are attracted to other healthy humans, who would’ve thought!?

However over time (and I’m sure you’ve witnessed this yourself), the amount of effort we put in towards our loves ones or towards ourselves begins to wane.

Romantic events are non-existent

Remember all the times you used to send love letters, plan romantic weekends away and cook meals for eachother all in the name of love and appreciation?

What happened since then?

Why has that level of affection and effort disappeared? Has anything taken its place, or has the excuse “I don’t have enough time” cropped up all too often?

What you can do about this

Inject some much needed energy into your relationship by planning something special for your loved one. It doesn’t matter what it is, as it’s the thought that counts. But do something that shows you really appreciate the person you’re with.

The best thing about this is that the longer you’ve been romantically absent towards your partner – the better. As almost anything you do which is different from what you’ve been doing the last few months is almost guaranteed to be received extremely well.

Sex has become a monotonous chore – which is no longer exciting nor satisfying

At the beginning of your relationship, you badly wanted to unravel the secrets of the body owned by your current partner. The levels of excitement were so intense, similar to buying exclusive shoes, a high-end laptop, smartphone or a next-generation gaming console.

But then suddenly, as with everything, the excitement drops back to the levels they were at before you had even known one another.

When things begin to get stale in the bedroom department, you know for a fact that one or both of you are beginning to get comfortable in the relationship.

What you can do about this

I have no idea, to be frank with you.

Just go to the store and buy a sexy outfit or something.

Or maybe try out a new position, which your partner has always wanted to participate in.

Just do something.

Let go of your inhibitions and ravage your partner! Let them feel alive, as doing so will give them the inclination to be more adventurous in the bedroom as well.

After all, a healthy sex life is critically important to the vitality of a relationship.

Don’t let this point go amiss.

You’ve Developed A Suite of Unhealthy Habits

Usually food-related no doubt.

So you’ve got a new boyfriend?

Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back and get a cup of tea, now you can finally rela-Wait!

The real work starts when you get into a relationship, not before it.

Ideally, relationships shouldn’t have any settling down to do. You either want your relationship and your health to excel or you want it to remain stagnant and die.

If you’ve noticed that you’ve added on a considerable amount of weight, and your partner is no longer as receptive towards your advances – sexual or otherwise, have a serious, polite discussion with them.

Maybe they haven’t mentioned anything for fear of hurting your feelings, but little do they know, through their actions (or lack of actions rather) they’re making you feel inadequate and unattractive.

As you know, actions speak louder than words, and equally, communication is key to keeping a relationship healthy.

Maybe they can help you lose weight or change your habits once they realise how you truly feel about the ever-pressing problem.

The above contains just a few of the many ways you can tell if you’re getting too comfortable in a relationship.

Contrary to some belief, what we do in our relationships can be somewhat contagious to our partner (unless we are stubborn to the core).

Once we refrain from showing our partner that we care, or no longer appreciate the things they do for us – they will stop doing them, and thus a vicious cycle will develop.

Focus On Improving Your Relationships Overtime

The key to achieving balance in the relationship component is to limit the amount, or nullify completely the sources which lead to getting comfortable in a relationship in the first place.

A hard task you say? I do not disagree with your assertion, however for me – I have no intention of getting into a relationship without fervently trying to improve it.

A relationship between two or more adults, 3 years in, should be better and healthier than a relationship which has just started. That’s simply how I see it.

Idealistic? Maybe, but not impossible nor unreachable.

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