How To Find Inner Peace

Life is stressful.

We have objectives, goals and aspirations to work towards, responsibilities to uphold, our health to maintain and a host of other things vying for our energy and attention.

It is nigh on impossible to juggle everything life throws at you without your mental health suffering as a result.

Above all else, you need to prioritize finding inner peace in your life.

On the surface, finding inner peace in your life is a difficult thing to do. However, little do we realise, all the components required for making this dream a reality has existed right in front of us from the day we took our first breath on earth.

Afterall, we’re the ones who’ve made our lives as complicated as they are. We added the ingredients and layers of complexity in the saucepan.

Credit cards, negative friendship groups, unhealthy relationships, yo-yo diets and much more.

People are too busy picking up new pieces to replace broken pieces in their life, rather than trying to fix the broken pieces themselves.

The key to living a peaceful life lies with identifying the pieces which make our lives more complex, and removing the layers, one by one until you’re content.

Finding Inner Peace Through Contentment

What is contentment and how does it contribute towards finding inner peace in our lives?

“Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction.”

The problem with modern life is that our values are not geared towards satisfaction or contentment.

They’re geared towards acquiring and consuming.

Many of us work simply to survive. To feed and clothe our family. To provide a good education for our children.

However, a growing number of us have become wealthy to the point where our basic physiological needs are met. We seek the next step, the need to entertain ourselves with items that make our existence worth something.

But herein lies the problem.

Finding inner peace in our lives becomes increasingly difficult the more we obsess over pieces of plastic and metal.

We acquire and consume, until that object or person is no longer of use to us, so we throw it away and move onto the next.

Rinse and repeat. The cycle continues and nobody bats an eyelid.

And then we sit and ponder about why we’re still unhappy.

We’re raised in a society that teaches us to be capitalist in nature. That you will find salvation by getting an education, paying your taxes for 40 years and contributing towards the food chain that gave birth to these very values that led to your unhappiness.

Is this just what it means to be human?

I don’t think so at all. We’re told to be ambitious, to aim high and always keep striving for greater things. And this is perfectly fine.

But why aren’t we also taught to be grateful for the things we already have rather than to long for the things we don’t have?

Being exposed to this view once every few years from our parents or a 30-second tv ad isn’t enough. There needs to be a culture-shift in how we treat life itself, in order to find contentment and live a peaceful life.

How To Be Content

  • Accept that you may never be rich, the best at your chosen field or achieve the body you’ve always desired
  • Be grateful for every day you wake up to. Treat each day as a birthday and live it fully

Find Inner Peace Through Positive Media Consumption

We consume and process over 174 newspapers worth of information daily. That figure is from 2011. Can you imagine how much information our brains have to consume in today’s world?

There are multiple sources of media out there. Some we consume willingly (social media), others without our consent (advertising).

To find inner peace you must take control and select only the sources of media which add a net positive to your life.

Let me make this easy for you. Take a simple look through your Facebook Top Trend’s feed. What is the nature of the news articles listed here?

Facebook trending - finding inner peace

If you thought “negative”, you know what I’m getting at. These news items are in place to get a negative emotional response from you. Are these really the most important happenings in the world at this current time?

Are you telling me, that in the last 24 hours there wasn’t a single life-saving scenario that was reported to a journalist or reporter? Anywhere in the world? In a planet with over 7 billion people? Nonsense.

The fact of the matter is that you see what they want you to see.

How can you find inner peace if at every turn you’re being notified about the shame, embarrassment or death of ‘somebody important’?

What message does it give you, other than, “the world’s a pretty crap place to live in, isn’t it?”.

Not helpful.

Over 200,000 people lose their lives each and every day. It’s a part of life. We get that. But it’s not the only part.

If social media networks is your primary method of communicating with friends and family, then be sure to unfollow those users who post extremely negative material.

Remember, the goal is not to remove negativity from the world or from your life entirely – but to dampen its effect.