How to overcome feeling incompetent

Do you constantly feel incompetent at everything you do, day-to-day?

The majority of us feel like this multiple times during our daily lives.

So I’ve thought, why not try and figure out a solution to combat this.

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Feeling incompetent is normal

It probably doesn’t make sense to you at first – and it didn’t make any sense to me either; but when I rehearsed the mental process over and over – I begin to realize that being and feeling incompetent at certain activities/areas of life isn’t a bad thing at all.

It’s about how we handle our incompetencies and failings that determines our future success.

Accept your incompetence

The first step is to accept that you’re incompetent.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this.

In fact it is better to accept that you’re incompetent, because you’re subconsciously preparing yourself for learning and improvement.

Secondly, make a plan to change that incompetence into competence.

Most people refer to this as skill acquisition.

You simply need to specify how you intend to achieve your goal.

In addition with the above, you will understand that the concept of “more is better” is wrong, at least to a certain extent.

Better is better.

However you can only get better through constant exposure to and repetition of tasks.

Unlearning the habits which set you back or even better, identifying them before they become unconscious habits.

To give you an example, performing a push-up with good form five times is better than performing twenty reps poorly, as you will want to avoid picking up initial bad habits.

The ability to fight incompetence becomes much easier when you allow yourself to just let go of frustration.

Fail without frustration to stop feeling incompetent

Achieving your dreams and aspirations requires you to develop a mindset that simply refuses to give up.

We need to be able to fail and fall – continuously, until we become used to it.

This is the point where we will no longer feel a sense of frustration, as it is a vital component for fighting our incompetence.

Have you ever wondered why people never complete their new year resolutions?

It’s partly because they’re lazy, but the laziness stems from frustration.

When expectations are set so high, or when the number of attempts reaches triple digits – success starts to feel like a right.

Get competent at being incompetent to stop feeling incompetent

Competent incompetence is about doing a set of activities and failing without frustration; because the individual understands that they will get better with time – they no longer feel annoyed if it seems like they’re not making any progress.

Just because it ‘seems’ like you’re not improving, doesn’t mean that you’re not.

Change and improvement is gradual.

In most cases you won’t feel like you’re improving at that one-arm handstand during the first few months.

Little do we realize, we’re a lot closer to the finish line than we think when we give up on our goals and objectives.


Where To Go From Here

From now on, when you’re trying to achieve a goal, especially if it’s a skill that requires a lot of effort to become good at, accept that you’re going to fail.

A lot.

But don’t look at it as a negative experience.

The majority of our successes comes from all the times we have failed.

They enable us to look at our actions, and approach our problems from different angles.

The best thing failure shows us is what hasn’t worked thus far.

It’s a vital part of the learning process that provides us with feedback to improve on what we have tried as we strive to achieve our goals.

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