The idea that there exists a time where innovation and creativity would cease in our world, is nothing short of ludicrous. So why do people strive for perfection? There is nothing wrong with wanting to complete something to the best of your ability. In fact, I’m a huge advocate of giving 100% in everything you do; however, what we need to understand is that anything and everything, will and can be improved.

If perfectionism is such a great idea to abide by, then why do most self-proclaimed perfectionists only apply this concept to their work instead of their entire life? To me, a true perfectionist, is someone who strives for perfection in every facet of their life. Personally, I would describe someone who is able to do the above as a prodigy amongst the genius; and I’m certain an individual of this calibre doesn’t exist.


Concerning Perfectionism

It is commonly believed that perfectionists are less productive, but I’ve found this to be wrong. In fact, perfectionists are actually more productive than their ‘average’ counter-parts. Reason being, they are always striving for the best in what they do. They spend more time completing a piece of work and even redraft it many times, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that this makes them less productive. This however, may lead to frustration and self-destruction of one’s own work or life.

Once perfectionism has become a habit, the individual may begin to dismiss ideas that would appear first in their heads because they don’t feel the work they have presented is ‘perfect’ enough.

Taking it further, couldn’t perfectionism end up ruining your relationships? You may start to look down on other people, treating them as if they’re ‘mediocre’, resulting in an increase of expectation from other people and this is destructive to your mental health.

Finding Your Balance
Perfectionism to an extent is good; but like everything, and the goal of this site: Find Your Balance. Try to be a completionist. Rather than fixating on presenting the perfect document, understand that getting feedback/results is more important.[blockquote]We don’t grow when we’re found to be correct; that is information already established. We grow because we’re found to be incorrect, as it presents an opportunity for the learning process to begin.[/blockquote]

It is better to get your work/idea seen by people who you can trust, those who can offer an alternative perspective on how to further improve it.

Innovation and Creativity will never cease to exist. Don’t reject your thoughts. Get all your thoughts on paper first; cultivate and then eliminate, it’s much more effective.