Success is a subjective term that has no fixed definition. For you to be able to achieve ‘success’, you’ll need to redefine it to suit your needs and goals.

Why Does Success Need To Be Redefined?

Simply because your goals are different to everybody else’s. Following another individual’s idea of success is not entirely healthy for the following reasons:

  • You most likely don’t have the same goals and desires.
  • You’re following a plan that isn’t suited to you.
  • Their expectations will become your expectations.

Now, this isn’t entirely correct either. If you feel completely in tune with an individual’s idea of success, and you resonate with it completely, then these negatives will instantly become positives.

If you’re in a team; whether that’s a dancing duo, a singing partner or very close friends, there is a chance that you will have very similar goals.

However, it would be ideal if you could create and define your own idea of success that you can use to evaluate your own life.

Is Quantifying Success Really Necessary?

If your goal is to become the best at a particular skill, sport or discipline – how would you quantify that? When you sell the most records? When you have the highest profits compared to your competitors? Delivering perfect customer service? Or when you receive outstanding public accreditation?

Success doesn’t have to be quantified.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people measure success through only monetary means. This includes but is not limited to; their bank balance, fame, prosperity and also their current standard of living. Making these achievements the focal point of your life goals isn’t necessarily going to make you a happier person.

According to research, winning the lottery increases your happiness for only a limited period of time. After it has passed, happiness levels returns back to normal. This shows that happiness, and the quality of our lives are not only partly innate but also a result of our actions and the state of our environment.

How We View Our Success
[blockquote]If my fans, friends and family view me as a success but I don’t, then I’m not successful no matter what kind of praise I receive. – David Johnson Oragui[/blockquote] For me, just being able view myself as a success is one of the things that makes me happy, and here’s why:- My successes and my failures are all defined and dependent on my own terms. This means that external expectations, whether positive or negative, will never become the focal point of my goals.

Now I’m not saying that I’m correct, however since applying this kind of thinking to my own life – I’ve never had to worry about ‘letting someone down’.

Most importantly, my success is dependent on my beliefs, how they shape me and the world around me. I could go even as far to say, that at the age of 21, I have already succeeded in life – based on my own definition: Being able to attain, achieve, accumulate, provide and love without interfering with the rights of other people.


So, now that you’ve seen my definition of success: What would you say your definition of success is? Leave a comment below!