A great realisation for me. Just been thinking to myself recently, “what kind of conversations would I just hate to have during old age/before death”. So here’s a new blog post explaining just that. The more I think about this, the more it makes me realise that I really do have a strong purpose for being on this planet.

Conversation #2: I’ve Had Enough of Learning

Absolute madness.

Knowledge is power and I believe it is one of the key differences between success and failure.

Acquiring more knowledge helps the world become a better place, stifles ignorance, creates opportunities, cures a plethora of diseases and solves a multitude of problems.

Why would I ever not want to learn more? Why would I willingly deny myself education?

Conversation #2: I Regret My Existence/I Wish I Were Rich

I regret my existence and all the important choices I made in my life. In short, I am not satisfied. – it’s not me, that’s for sure!

Refers mainly to those who make the act of time-wasting a hobby in of itself.

No matter what I do, I just can’t allow time to fly by without making my mark in the world. The thought is scary.

This conversation also derives from my belief that having the pure desire to acquire money won’t necessarily make me happier.

It’s what I do with the money that counts, not the money itself.

I read a recent blog post made by Scott H Young about money, it’s importance and whether having a lot of it really matters in the long run. In other words, is it worth it?

Conversation #3: This World Has Gone To Hell

It’s better to just love yourself, and live life only for yourself. – Pessimists

People are already pulling this one out at a very young age. I personally can’t see myself giving up on the world and its inhabitants at any time.

At least for me, I have this ever pressing desire to create solutions to complex social problems.

It’s what I do, and it’s who I am. Definitely not changing.

Conversation #4: If Only I had Known – I Would’ve Given Life My All

If only I had known what? Just circulating this phrase is giving me a headache.

You’re well aware of the result consistent inaction brings. There really are no excuses for me not to take full responsibility of my life.

This is super important, it’s no longer a conversation but more of a spiritual realisation.

I feel that this conversation by itself, has the ingredients to kill me.

I can feel the regret even now whilst typing this.

I’m actually glad that I made the decision to write this post. Just thinking about these things drains my life energy, yet at the same time, provides me with the inspiration to really fulfil my potential.

Conversation #5: I Should’ve Followed My Own Path

Oh dear, this one is huge.

This would be an even bigger regret than I originally assumed. I would rather attempt something considered ‘unrealistic’ – what does that mean anyways?, and fail at it, rather than follow a proven path recommended by other individuals that doesn’t make me fall in love with it.

Whether that’s my career, love life or anything else. It’d just make me sick.

For me, I have to believe in my vision and my dream in order to make it a reality.

Building a support network would also make the process so much easier, because they understand the trials and tests I’ll have to go through.

I have to be prepared to behave like a lone ranger a lot of the time though. Thoroughly understanding that not everyone will support me in what I intend to do, has enabled me to learn how to be comfortable alone. I believe this has provided me with the skills and abilities in order to succeed in my chosen discipline or field.

These are just a few of the conversations that I’ve been thinking about earlier. Whilst I hope they never come to pass, I became excited at the mere thought of discussing them because it has strengthened my resolve to make sure I live a life worth living, with the time I have available to me.