We’re on a mission to build the happiest place to work in the world. If you deeply care about helping others, making the world a better place and doing meaningful work from the place you feel most hygge, then we’d love to hear from you.

What is The Balanced Life Academy?

We’re a team of people dedicated to teaching the most essential life skills for happiness and success in the 21st Century.

BLA started in 2011 as a personal health and wellness blog in our founder’s bedroom. Today we deliver courses, coaching and mentoring to thousands around the globe who wish to live healthy, balanced lives.

Where will I work?

You’ll work from the place which inspires you to do your best work. We don’t care when you work. We only ask for your best 8 hours.

Perks and Benefits

You will receive a more relevant, helpful reward upon successfully completing our boot camp period. Things like Amazon gift cards, a Netflix subscription on us or other such items that will help contribute to your individual needs and promote productivity. We want to show that we care about you.

  • Salary – We operate with self-managed salaries and a self-managed workload. What you work on is entirely up to you. Salary is determined based upon skill grade and experience.
  • Paid Sick Leave – We offer no judgement or repercussions should you need to take time off for your health. We even have a company policy of taking a day off mid week every quarter. This is our ‘mental health’ day. We want you to be in top shape to do your best work, not burnt out and stressed.
  • No Overtime – We don’t ‘do’ overtime. Get done what you can in the hours that are set in your schedule. Everything else can wait until tomorrow morning. You won’t ever feel like you’re slacking by following this rule either because even the CEO will do the same.
  • Flexible Vacations – You have 5 weeks of paid vacation. Other companies have a system where your holidays/vacations need to slot around their schedule. Here, we will work around you. There is nothing you do that cannot be delegated, so don’t worry about the job not being done.
  • Personal and career development stipend – Use it to make your personal and working life more pleasurable. That marketing course you’ve always wanted to attend? Your laptop just broke and you need a new one? Or you’ve just had your eye on a book for a few weeks now – we’ll cover it.
  • Retreats – Meetup with us in our bi-annual company retreats (international/local)
  • Work Remotely – Work from the place which inspires you to do your best work
  • Personal Growth Coach – Everyone gets a personal growth coach, even the CEO. Personal development is critical to our success as a company and as individuals who strive to lead better lives.
  • Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave – 1-3 months

Our Cultural Values

1. Growth mindset – Always pushing towards improving yourself. Failure makes you stronger. Mistakes are not frowned upon – they’re encouraged.

2. People over profit – Everyone does support. Our customers, the people we serve, are the judge and jury who ultimately decide the future of the company.

3. Innovator – Everyone’s ideas are encouraged. Business’s growth can only occur when the team are encouraged to change the landscape of their thinking.

4. Transparency – We’re a family, so we share everything. Our triumphs and our defeats. From balance sheets and marketing reports to diversity stats and salaries. You’ll know our financial position at any time during the year.

5. Equality – ‘We’ over ‘me’. Share the tasks and the airtime.

6. Harmony – It’s not a competition. We already like you. There is no need to brag about your achievements.

7. Comfort – Get comfy. Take a break. It’s all about relaxation.

8. Shelter – This is your tribe. This is a place of peace and security.

Does the above sound like you?

Simply send us an email telling us a little bit about yourself and why you feel you’d be a great fit. Be sure to include the role you’re applying for in the subject title. We’re all looking forward to hearing from you.

##### [Editor & Website Manager](#editor)
##### [Growth Engineer Intern](#growth)
## Editor & Website Manager

We are looking for someone to manage our inbound marketing engine. The person chosen will be responsible for researching content ideas which match our target audience as well as working with writers, proofreading, editing and publishing posts.

The ideal candidate would have previous digital marketing experience with an understanding of how inbound marketing can grow a business.

Balanced Life Academy Group is a health and wellness organization dedicated to helping people live better lives through the life skills we teach. We are 100% remote. This position will report direct to our CMO.

Responsibilities include:

– Managing our editorial and content calendar
– Identifying correct keywords to target based on research
– Working with writers, assigning posts, managing the content production flow
– Identifying ways to attract more guest writers through various channels
– Publishing blog posts and setting them up for SEO
– Fixing issues discovered through our SEO and content audits
– Uploading course content to our learning management system (LMS)
– Keeping our cloud-based storage accounts clutter-free by moving, renaming and deleting files
– Managing core company websites: Updating plugins, database backups, enhancing functionality with code
– Owning social media strategy by driving growth from Pinterest and Facebook
– Managing email marketing campaigns: Write, test and send weekly emails to our core audiences promoting relevant content

In short, this job is about making our entire content and lead generation engine run whilst fostering mutual relationships with talented writers across the globe.

Skills Required:

– WordPress admin
– Copywriting
– Website management
– Editing and Proofreading

Full training will be provided for the right candidate.

This is an entry, part-time role on a contractual basis, which could become a permanent and/or full-time position dependent on success.

Growth Marketing Internship

The ability to get traction for a startup is extremely valuable, and extremely rare. It’s unusual to get the breadth of skills necessary to move the needle. There’s no textbook, and the space is constantly in flux. There’s no replacement for hands-on experience, but those opportunities are rare.

This is one of them.

Balanced Life Academy Group is hiring a growth engineer intern. This will be a unique opportunity to learn the essential skills in growing a business, using real world experience.

What You’ll Learn:

– How to get your first 1000 users starting from scratch.
– How to get visibility in search engines and benefit from a repeating, snowball of organic traffic.
– How to create compelling content at scale that gets shared on social and ranks on Google.
– How to drive high quality, targeted traffic using paid channels.
– What really works with social media.
– How to optimize retention and referral to build a virtuous cycle and maximize every dollar spent at the top of the funnel.
– How to measure everything so you know what works and what doesn’t.

At the end of the program you’ll have gained extremely valuable experience, implemented in the real world.

In addition, successful applicants will get a full scholarship towards any Udacity Nanodegree of their choosing (Worth $2,000).

Successful completion of this program may lead to a part/full-time position here, or at another firm.

Previous interns who completed this internship program went on to land full-time positions with an average salary of $45k.

What We’re Looking For:

You don’t need any previous experience with growth marketing or business, but you need to have a few things:

Desire to excel. You must have a growth mindset and be committed to improving yourself personally and professionally.

Intellectually curious – you’ll be learning a ton, and are expected to keep up. You’re also expected to take it upon yourself to dig deeper and learn more on your own initiative.

Excellent communicator – Because this is a remote position, you will write a lot. Written communication skills have to be topnotch. When you publish work online, you speak for the team – you are the company’s voice and our customers will treat us as such.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk.