## Positive Attributes of Brave Blind Jumpers
#### Action-Oriented

Brave blind jumpers are heavily action-oriented.

They’re so bored of reading from a book that they’d rather learn from direct experiences instead. Rather than understanding how gravity and acceleration works, they’d rather jump out of an aeroplane and experience gravity themselves at the expense of their own health.

This group of people rarely read manuals, and possess creative and exploration skills which leads them to carving out their own path with less effort, compared to their calculated analytical thinker counterparts.

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Overall they feel less restricted by societal norms that they end up making more discoveries and inventions in technology and science compared to other archetypes.

If you want to learn how to ‘think outside the box’. These are the people to follow.

They don’t learn by reading, they learn by doing.

This leads them to success because they focus primarily on the component of taking action, rather than endlessly acquiring and accumulating knowledge.

Here are a few examples of how jumping into something blindly may lead to success.

  • If they want to start a blogand make it successful, they’ll find the most minimal amount of knowledge (hosting/domain name), and will work consistently until they succeed.
  • If they want to gain weight, they’ll find out the basic information and proceed to take relentless action.
  • If they have difficulty finding the direction their life should go in, they’ll just jump on the next plane heading to Rio for inspiration without a moment’s hesitation.

The examples above display their willingness and impatience to get started and moving. They are huge action-takers, and we could learn a lot from them.

However, strictly being a brave blind jumper may actually work against you in the long run.

Mistakes and Pitfalls of A Brave Blind Jumper

Lacking Patience

  • More prone to trouble: Whether that be federal, physical or emotional. This may be due to the fact that they rarely plan or take precautions.
  • More likely to die: If you buy a sharp food mixer and neglect to read the manual, you could end up seriously hurt. And I’ve experienced this is my own home with items such as a hair-dryer and a shredder.
  • More likely to lack patience – which may lead to their goals not being met.

The ability to delay gratification is scientifically proven to be one of the prerequisites to success. Therefore jumping into projects and goals too fast may backfire, as you’re more likely to expect more immediate success.

It’s better to take your time and plan out how you’re going to approach each of your goals. From my experience of goal setting, I’ve never achieved any of them through rushing or trying to break down ceilings.

The best approach for me has been to weave through the traffic by learning just enough to get me started without being left confused when problems arise.

Expect and embrace failure as you’ll learn more and become more competent over time.

Treat failure as a learning process rather than a by-product of your inability to succeed at a given goal.

Would you classify yourself as a brave blind Jumper? An individual who rushes into things without thinking about the finer details of a project their undertaking? If so, what positive or negative experiences have you had by approaching your life in this way? Let me know your thoughts below.