Why You Must Strive To Improve Your Relationship

This topic has been a personal pet peeve of mine for a very long time now.

Watching many of my friends hop in and out of relationships at an alarming rate has left me concerned with society’s state of mind towards relationships, and why we seek them.

Relationships, much like friendships, come and go as often as the seasons. My personal grudge with relationships lies firmly with the beliefs and ideals people hold towards relationships as a concept.

Many people enter relationships without the intention of striving to make it better.

Why enter a relationship if you don’t want things to get better over time? Why even enter a relationship at all, if you cannot foresee a future together?

Some people, have their heads so far up in the clouds that they misunderstand what a relationship truly means and represents.

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1. Relationships Are An Investment

With every investment you naturally want to monitor and make sure that things are getting better overtime.

Each investment carries an element of risk, and a relationship is no different.

Energy, time, money and physical and mental resources; we only have a finite amount of these, therefore where we place the bulk of our resources are critically important.

As unromantic as it may sound, we all desire a certain amount of ROI from our relationships, hence why finding the right person is critically important.

Once we have found that right person though…

Striving to make your relationship better helps to lessen the negative effects of stress on your body, due to the support you receive from your partner when you’re struggling with any area of your life.

You’re indicating to your partner that you really want to make this work

Many examples include but are not limited to:

  • Communicating effectively, harnessing the power of compromise and even putting their needs before your own.
  • Telling them something personal about themselves that you really love.
  • Making subtle plans for the future – through gently expressing your interest and desires.

If your partner genuinely sees you are continually striving to make the relationship stronger overtime, they will be more inclined to jump in and pull their weight with you.

This applies to every conceivable goal which benefits the relationship such as: looking more attractive, getting a more inspiring and meaningful job or taking treatment to deal with anger issues and depression.

2. You Will Become A Better Person

Probably the biggest benefit for trying to make a relationship better overtime.

People naturally grow as the relationship grows.

I’m a strong believer that those who try to improve their relationship become better people, as they are pushing themselves into an uncharted territory with high reward.

  • They’re learning life skills such as how to delay gratification, to trust and respect another person.
  • Focusing on eliminating selfishness and working to improve their communication skills so they can voice their needs and concerns appropriately and honestly.
  • Learning how to truly love someone.

3. A Strong Relationship Results In A Happier Home

If you really care about someone, would you allow your relationship to become stagnant, monotonous and dry?

A strong relationship between two or more consenting adults results in the construction of building a better home.

A better home, leads to the development of well disciplined and respectful children who will in turn provide you with joy and happiness.

To me, a relationship isn’t a relationship if the parties involved are unwilling to become better people.

Nobody is perfect.

However we all know that we have specific traits and nuances which can drive someone mad.

Learning how to work on that low temperament and irritability, could be the difference between saving a relationship or killing it.

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