Some ladies hit the gym because they want to tone their body and shed calories.

On the other hand, some go regularly because they want to stay healthy and away from diseases that exercise can prevent. But, do you know that there is a reason that can motivate you better than any of the above for heading to the gym every day?

Regular exercise has a great positive impact on your hair and skin. And, YES it is true!

Here are some benefits of the regular exercise; after reading which you will not resist working out (keep your gym suit and sneakers ready):

Get a Naturally Radiant Skin

With regular exercise you will not need any expensive moisturizers or highlighters for giving your face a fake glow.

How? Exercise improves the blood circulation in the body, helping the revamp of the skin cells. Anything that improves the blood circulation helps in making the skin healthier and radiant.

When you head out to gym every day, it simply means that you are warranting the protection of your health, especially skin.

With workouts and exercise, your body will sweat out toxins that can potentially harm you and can cause acne. It also means that the skin breakouts and acne causing bacteria are washed out, and will not be allowed to have effect on your skin again.
If you don’t want to do high-intensity workouts or hop on to gym equipment daily, high-paced yoga can do wonders too.

There are various yoga routines and postures which have a cooling effect on the skin and can retain its glow. You can also do specific facial yoga exercises to beautify skin and to prevent excessive oil secretion.

Reduce Aging Signs

None of us want to look older than their age. Heck, nobody wants to look older at all.

As you age, your body starts to show the signs that prove the number of years that you have spent on this planet. It may seem that exercise has no beauty benefits on the skin, but it has more than you can ever think of.

If you have got wrinkles on your face or freckles hide the natural beauty, workout and gym is the solution for your woes.

A good 30-minute exercise can help you feel relaxed, as chemicals like dopamine and serotonin that soothe the brain and relax the body are released.

Not only this, the exercise may also help in removing the aging signs such as tired and puffy eyes and stressed appearance of the face. Plus, it also regulates the oil production of the skin, helping it to be smoother and even toned.

When you exercise, your skin retains its natural flexibility and elasticity. The wrinkles, freckles, puffy eyes, stress lines all start to disappear with time.

Deeper and Better Sleep

We all love to sleep, but most of us have gone through the phase where insomnia has struck us pretty badly. Even if you are not an insomniac, the quality of your sleep depicts how you look and feel.

When you go to gym every day, the hard routine makes you fall asleep before your usual late time.

*According to the National Sleep Foundation, those who regularly exercise tend to fall asleep quicker and deeper than those who don’t. *

A good night sleep has a great positive impact on our skin and that is why they call it beauty sleep.

The body releases a hormone that promotes the rejuvenation process of the skin while we are deep asleep. Therefore, you call multiple shots at once while going to gym and getting a good and relaxed sleep.

Your skin is refreshed, the body gets an adequate amount of time to repair the dead skin and the mind is refreshed. You get to start off a new day with fresh mind, clear skin, and an active body.

Fights Acne and Scars

Sitting on your sofa and just whining about how bad your acne or psoriasis is will not make it any better.

What will make it better is going to the gym, carrying on those heavy weights and run your head off at the treadmill.

Because, when you sweat, you give your body a chance to remove all the harmful toxins that might be causing the horrible acne and breakouts. Sweating actually helps in balancing hormones and removing dead cells from the skin.

If you have acne and scars, you must follow a proper skincare routine with a nice purifying mask for your face. ***But, never exercise with your makeup on. ***

Keep in mind that the beauty benefits of exercise and following the skin care routine go hand in hand. This is why, it is mandatory to clean yourself once you get home from gym.

Any extra sweat can further air the bacteria that are causing acne and leaving scars on your body.

Yoga also helps in bringing down the stress levels and balancing hormones which is exactly what you need to control the acne problem.

Get Luscious Hair

Yes! This point might be a little surprising for you, but, it is 100% true. You do not have to go to the salon for getting shine in your hair anymore.

Regular workout improves the blood circulation in the scalp which promotes the growth and nourishment of the hair. The antioxidants in the oxygenated blood that reaches the scalp helps nourish the hair follicles.

As mentioned, just like skin, your hair needs a proper blood flow throughout the day too.

With exercise, you are not only nourishing your skin, but the hair get to be treated nicely too. Thus, you get one step closer to achieving the luscious locks and the healthy, shining hair you always dreamed off.

However, it is to note that excessive sweat caused due to exercise can also produce oil. So, don’t forget to wash your hair quite often, after oiling them with a good essential oil.