My name is David Johnson Oragui and welcome to the beginning of my personal journey.

I am pleased to say that after two years of constant deliberation, I have finally begun my journey towards a balanced life.

There isn’t a sole definition for the phrase; it is subjective, much like success. Everyone has their own idea about what a balanced life means to them. However, one thing remains certain – obtaining a balanced life is a conscious process that requires extremely hard work and due diligence.

Many personal development authors refer to this as ‘conscious development’. As every waking second you are consciously teaching your body and your mind exactly what you want from it.


Autonomous Lifestyle

When people ask me what my goals are for the year and beyond, I always say that I want an autonomous lifestyle. A lifestyle that I create and tailor, one made exclusively for me.

Someone who deems their life as autonomous has personally carved out their own path. They couldn’t care less what anybody thinks or says about them – they’re just interested in living a happy life full of rich experiences.

Whether that means travelling to every country in the world and writing about their experiences, or simply setting up a business relating to something that they love; these are the type of people who understand the power of the art of living.

Getting to that stage requires an individual to be able to harness the most important forces in the universe that directly affects their success. I truly believe that we all have the potential to live a life of excellence – which I refer to as true self-actualisation.

However, the main problem people have is that they don’t ask themselves what do I really want from this life?‘ or rather, “what does life mean to me?” Worse yet, those of us that do, won’t follow through with it because naturally, we are scared of the unknown.

Join In

Take Control of your life

I urge you to join me for this quest in defining and following your true purpose in life.

So that’s what brings me here. Above, I have stated that this website is about me detailing my efforts towards achieving a balanced life. And that is true. However, it is primarily about you too.

I will be tackling issues which I feel inhibit people from achieving their wildest dreams and becoming truly remarkable in their physical health, mental health, relationships, environment, work-life and material wealth. Having balance in all six areas are required to achieving a balanced life; better yet, when all six are working in unison – excellence is formed.

I encourage you to join the balanced life academy here to begin your journey, as you are given the opportunity to select the area of your life that you feel is in utmost need of improvement.