Money No Longer Cause Me Stress

It’s been quite a long time coming, but I think I can safely say I have removed money as a stress-factor from my life.

I’m just happy that I’ve been able to remove money from being a burden between me and my real goals, especially the main one of achieving a balanced life.

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Achieving balance in material wealth

For an individual to achieve balance in the material wealth component of their life, they need to be able to:

  • Effectively grow your personal assets through efficient budgeting skills, whilst mastering the art of delayed gratification.
  • Develop positive beliefs about money that will allow you to use and distribute wealth in ways which will benefit others.

I’m pleased to announce that I have balanced the material wealth component of my life, so today I want to share the methods and techniques I used which has allowed me to accomplish this.

Stopped spending compulsively

This was key to my success in becoming financially free. Many people don’t have a foothold on their finances because they spend money on needless items which serves no purpose other than to make them ‘feel’ like their money is of real value.

I stopped buying new clothes, games and other nonsense simply because I didn’t need them.

I began adopting a minimalist lifestyle, where I would only buy the things I needed, rather than the things I wanted.

This led to me valuing the little I had, saving the rest for a rainy day – rather than to just blow it on a purchase that I’ll later regret.

Focused on deriving pleasure from other activities and goals

Focusing on the pursuit of goals and undergoing some real self-development has given me some degree of introspection with regards to my strengths and weaknesses in my everyday life.

Recently, I registered an account on TribeSports – the social media website for exercise freaks, and I’ve been in love with the community ever since.

The mere thought of pushing my body to its limits everyday, provides me with such an irreplaceable thrill, unrivaled by any other, all in order to build a real body that matters.

From the way I handle my relationships to my latent ability to exude boundless amounts of confidence and self-esteem at will.

I have been able to focus on what I find important in life, and how I can use these existing or newly found beliefs and values in order to become the best person I can possible be.

Whilst doing this, I forget that money even exists in this world – especially when I’m spending time with people who I regard as true friends.

Developing habits and building skills

It was through saving and creating a budget plan where I learnt how to effectively delay gratification. I’ve always been adept at saving, however I still end up spending the majority of it when I come across a good offer.

Like learning anything new, one has to repeat an action or activity multiple times before it becomes focal point of their mental make-up.

Learning how to save money was no different.

Regularly putting money away without touching it, helped me look forward towards purchasing a better product/item at a later date.

After all, the goal of delayed gratification is about getting you to experience something to a greater effect at a later time.

However, because I love challenging myself, I decided to set myself a savings goal instead – without setting up any kind of reward for myself, regardless of how well I did.

I failed.

My savings goal of $1500 in 12 months was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances.

In hindsight, I realise that achieving the goal wasn’t the main reason why I set it in the first place.

I simply wanted to build and strengthen the skill of delayed gratification and that much I did.

New feelings towards money

Finally, two very strange, yet interlinked feelings developed inside of me.

  • I stopped chasing money and began creating a service of value.
  • I felt more inclined to give more money away to those who needed it most, without feeling any animosity or contempt towards the individual in question.

This is how I became financially free, and how I achieved balance in the material wealth component of a balanced life.

Now onto the next 5 – this is where things will be getting really interesting, wish me luck – and thanks for reading.

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