Today I’ll be talking about everything that encompasses a balanced life. Here is what you will learn in this post:

What Is A Balanced Life?

A balanced life is a set of interconnected aspects of human life that are brought together to bring about everlasting happiness.

It is a holistic process where an individual strives to improve his or her life though mindful practice of the readings, tasks, activities and objectives set forth within the balanced life curriculum.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. – Aristole

The famous quote by Aristole, couldn’t be anymore apt here.

If you improve one component of a balanced life, all the others improves as well.

They may not all improve at the rate as the component you’re focused on – but overtime, you will slowly become more competent at solving problems and creating opportunities within each component of a balanced life.

A balanced life is also about strengthening any area of your life that you are currently not content with.

It is about being able to eliminate worry and stress, whilst replacing these ailments with that of freedom, happiness and peace within one’s self.

It is about appreciating the little you have now, and using it to improve the quality of your life and the lives around you.

There are many different definitions and interpretations about what a balanced life is.

However, one thing for certain is that it’s about having control over the areas of our lives that have the potential to threaten and permanently damage our physical and mental make-up.

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The Six Components of A Balanced Life

So what are the so called ‘interconnected aspects of human life’ that I mentioned about earlier?

They are as follows:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Relationships
  • Environment
  • Work Life
  • Material Wealth

Physical Health

This comprises your overall bodily health and functioning.

In the physical health component, practitioners focus on strengthening the body to allow themslves to partake in day-to-day activities without much difficulty.

They will also work hard to achieve a healthy weight, as they understand the importance of consuming healthy foods as part of a balanced diet.

In addition to this they will partake in an effective workout program that will aide them towards building a body they desire.

One that truly matters and one that will protect them and their loved ones when they need it most.

Mental Health

The mental health component consists of all factors that influence our thoughts and their nature (empowering and limiting).

As you can probably guess, balanced life practitioners focus on changing the way they think; interpreting concepts such as success, failure and rejection for their own benefit.

They also make it their personal mission to develop a positive reason for living, attaching real genuine meaning and feeling to their lives.

In addition to this, they also focus on learning vital life skills such as delayed gratification that are invaluable for building character and succeeding in life as a whole.


How we handle our feelings, expectations and emotions in our relationships is critically important to their success.

Those who attempt to improve and enhance their love life will analyse and appreciate the positives they bring into their relationships whilst learning from the mistakes they have made in the past.

Prior to this however, practitioners will learn to understand themselves better as they pick the right partner, all with the intention of opening their heart to the people they want in their lives for the long term.


The environment component of a balanced life takes people on a journey towards “creating their own niche.”

That is, finding out what true friendship is and how to surround yourself around the right people.

Moreover, students embarking on this path will be made more aware of all the sources around them that may contribute towards their ‘caged lives’, as they work hard to live a life that they are proud of, through a set of ‘new-eyes’.

Rather than trying to effortlessly seek validation from sources that do not particularly care about them or their position.

Finally, we will continually strive to look outside of our own world, and direct our energies towards the lives of those who are truly suffering and desperately require our help to live a life worth truly living.

Philanthropy may be a small aspect of what constitutes a balanced lifestyle, but the state of our environment is something we are all responsible for.

So to make the world a better place for our children to enjoy, we must look after it and show our children just how important our planet is to us.

Work Life

This encompasses everything within the world of work and career.

Achieving balance in the work life component requires one to understand the benefits a positive working lifestyle can bring to their lives.

It isn’t simply about “doing what you love.”, but rather about finding the main reason behind your work, and what you are really here for.

The individual takes it upon themselves to search for a working lifestyle that makes them feel like they’re a part of something greater than themselves.

It’s less about how much you earn and more about creating a service that places smiles on people’s faces, worldwide.

Material Wealth

Finally, achieving balance in your material wealth comes down to firmly instilling some positive beliefs about money into your belief system.

It’s about trying to remove money as a stress-factor from your life.

Moreover your will learn how to setup an effective budget plan for yourself, with the focus on growing your existing assets to support and improve the standard of living and quality of life yourself and others around the world.

What Are The Benefits of Having A Balanced Life?

What can’t a balanced life do for me?

That’s how confident I am of this journey.

There really isn’t anything that cannot be attained whilst you work towards this state.

And I’m saying this as someone who is barely half-way through his own journey.

Every positive event that occurs in your life is augmented beyond your wildest dreams.

This is because, having a balanced life opens up more doors.


How would you feel if you achieved your goals in the physical health component: a healthy weight, built a body you was happy with and strong?

Wouldn’t your confidence soar through the roof when you know your hard work paid off?

What would happen next? Surely, you’d begin to feel better about yourself, better in your own skin.

Your self-esteem would also improve – you would subconsciously begin practicing compassionate self-awareness as you admire your form in the mirror.

Or give yourself an accolade for being able to perform incredible feats of skill and strength, such as holding a handstand.

This rejuvenated feeling will spread like a virus across other facets of your life.

More confidence, more drive and zest for life – that will build, helping you acquire and develop a positive reason for living.

As you can see from my short description above, little do we know, we are cultivating a virtuous cycle.

However the best part about the balanced life cycle is that it doesn’t stop.

However the greatest benefit for obtaining a balanced life lies firmly in achieving personal mastery.

That is mastery of the self.

In other words, you will fundamentally know exactly what makes you tick.

Even more powerful than that, is knowing how to flick those switches at will.

And thus the main goal behind the journey towards a balanced life is simply about mastering autonomy and personal responsibility.

How To Achieve A Balanced Life?

So far, I have talked about what a balanced life is, and the benefits one can receive for trying to pursue this journey.

However, now I would like to delve a little deeper into the ‘how’.

More specifically, how does one go about achieving a balanced life? and what is the exact process behind it.

Simply put, the process is exactly the same for making any positive change in our lives.

For me, I usually follow though 4 steps that completes the process of achieving any goal.

They are as follows:

  • Knowledge
  • Beliefs
  • Plan
  • Action

All four stages must be present, active and accurate in order to achieve goals in any component of a balanced life.


You have to make sure that the information you have/the instructions you have been given is both current and accurate.

A large majority of people who are trying to make inroads towards obtaining a healthy weight, reach a plateau.

Not because they have been slacking off from their workout routine or diet plans – but because they’re missing a vital piece of information that is required to get to the next level.

Having the correct information will ensure that you do not run into this blockade.

Hence why being able to research and follow reputable advice from seasoned professionals and some leading figures will help you avoid playing the game of ‘trial and error.”

Knowledge is applied information.

Knowledge is power.

And with Knowledge, you’re given the power to change.


Your beliefs are critically important towards your success, as they make up who you are.

Being able to redefine ideas and concepts in a way which benefits you, allowing you to draw latent willpower from within to complete your objective.

I’m referring to concepts such as failure, rejection, success and uncertainty.


For me, I wouldn’t be able to achieve balance in any of the components of a balanced life if I didn’t cultivate a plan to make it happen.

Even geniuses make plans, and we’re no different.

Plans give you something to follow. Whilst they’re not perfect, they provide you with a starting point and a blueprint to adapt, as you receive feedback and results from your actions.


Finally, the most important piece of the puzzle.

Taking real, mindful action. Being consistent and turning up each day is the only way we can make our dreams and goals a reality. The universe rewards action and nothing else comes in between.

How Can I Help You Achieve A Balanced Life?

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