Moving onto the mental health component of a balanced life, today we will be covering everything you need to know about creating an autonomous lifestyle.

By fully immersing yourself into this article you will learn the following:

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What Is An Autonomous Lifestyle

Autonomy means to be self-governed. Simply put, it is a word used to describe an individual who is living his/her life on their own terms.

To live life on one’s own terms means to form your own ideals and beliefs, regardless of the number of people who also believe or follow that specific ideology.

Your interpretation of life, the events which take place in your life and the lives of others are unique to yourself.

There may be times whereby you agree with the majority on a specific issue or viewpoint – but what sets you apart is the fact that you’re following your heart, and your true feelings, in order to reach that conclusion.

An autonomous lifestyle is a special type of lifestyle design, where you set out to eliminate certain elements of societal pressure which may limit your creativity or worse yet, permanently put you off from reaching your potential.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Accreditation and the belief that you need to be “qualified” or an expert before you can teach the world something
  • Consumerism, striving to earn lots of money in order to buy things we don’t really need
  • Rank – The belief that only those in the upper echelons of any societal hierarchy are the only ones worth listening to
  • Physical Attraction – The idea that looks transcends everything, and is the most important quality in a relationship
  • Expectation/Entitlement – The belief that you are owed something simply for existing

Being in control of these elements by not allowing them to dictate how you live your life, may be just what you need to be truly happy.

Autonomy is also one of the major attributes that is required for an individual to truly achieve a balanced life and self-actualise.

In other words, it means to be free.

I always use the bird-in-a-cage analogy to illustrate this point, because birds are always on the move, seeing new things, having new experiences and simply doing what they like.

Furthermore, it’s about taking personal responsibility over your own life and the direction it is heading in by developing a stronger, healthy locus of control.

Currently I would describe the human race as autonomous machines living in and accommodating to monotonous systems:

Whilst the goal of being self-sufficient and autonomous is something to admire, we have to remember there are things that may need to change for you to progress through this domain.

Below are 5 things you need to be aware of whilst striving to achieve an autonomous lifestyle.

Striving For Autonomy: 5 Things To Remember

1. Making the decision is difficult

The decision is difficult because essentially you are making life harder for yourself. At least initially.

At the beginning you may find yourself battling with many people that will purposely (sometimes unintentionally) hold you back: your family and ‘friends’ in particular.

Once you begin to open your mind to new ways of thinking and more importantly, new ways of living, you will also be vulnerable to attack from ‘energy vampires’.

These are people who are not content with their lives and have nothing better to do, and thus want you to remain like them in the name of ‘love’ and ‘togetherness’.

2. Your beliefs will change forever

Not just your beliefs as individual entities, but rather, you will experience a paradigm shift in your entire belief system.

It’s absolutely critical that you cultivate new beliefs that are designed to empower and inspire you.

In other words, you need to create beliefs that will give you a positive reason for living. This is potentially the most important facet of an autonomous lifestyle: you need beliefs which serve to benefit you. End of.

At the end of the day, you are trying to instill empowering beliefs that will help you along your journey towards achieving autonomy and balance in your life.

By doing this, you can harness the power of the ancient forces of the universe. And it’s your interpretation of these forces, that will guide you towards success.

3. You will acquire new friends

This is actually pretty normal, and something that many people go through several times over the course of their lives.

Your newly found beliefs and perspective of the world will lead you towards discovering new kinds of people, primarily because you are exposing yourself to a new type of environment.

The goal of autonomy with regards to forming relationships with people, lies in your ability to find people who you resonate with to a great degree.

Your newly discovered beliefs will in fact set you on a path towards ‘creating your own niche’.

What this means is that you are making it your mission to surround yourself with like-minded people, however small in number they may be. The kinds of people you can truly rely on when you’re desperately in need.

At first, you may find yourself a little lonely, as you barely know anybody you can have fun with if you’ve just moved into a new area, or if you’re the only entrepreneur in your social circle and family.

However, the bud that started out as a loner will soon spurt into a rose of solitude. One which attracts people towards it because of its illustrious smell.

Or in this case, your positive and inspiring vibe.

In other words, once you are creating something of value, either through your work or your own persona, people will want to become a part of your reality. And with the growth of the internet, this effect is multiplied a 1,000-fold as you could end up having your very own thriving community.

4. Deciding What To Do

An autonomous lifestyle is very difficult to envision because most of us are simply not used to living or thinking autonomously. Strange I know, we come into work at a particular time because we have to not because we want to.

Try to experience as much of the world as you can. Both in travel and in work.

For your working life in particular, becoming autonomous in this domain requires you to remove the following question from your mental make-up:

What Career Do I Want To Pursue?

Instead, it is healthier to ask…

  1. “what things do I want to do in my life?”
  2. “what skills to I want to learn?” and most importantly,
  3. “what kind of service do I want to provide to the world?”

I say this because pursuing one thing for 30+ years isn’t the only way to attain ‘success’ in life.

In my opinion, we can help cultivate autonomy in our lives and our children’s lives by giving them the opportunity to try out as many different things as possible.

This is potentially the biggest benefit of an autonomous lifestyle; it can help you develop an affinity towards something you never thought existed or was possible before.

Overtime you may find out that you want to pursue a specific career, but this decision was made infinitely easier due to trying out a variety of things beforehand.

By listing down the things you loved and hated throughout your working life, you was able to discover the kind of ethos to live by, and thus began searching for a company to work for, with a similar outlook.

5. Autonomy Need Not Apply To Everything

Anybody can live autonomously if they want to, but sometimes 100% autonomy isn’t necessary.

There is no need to be – “I am Miss Super Independent, I need nobody, no friends, no love – autonomous lifestyle for the win!.”

That’s not being autonomous, that’s just being overly stubborn. An interpersonal trait that can put you in a barricaded box of loneliness and keep you there, indefinitely.

Whilst I’d describe autonomy as the feeling of knowing that you are in control of your life, and are responsible for your actions, I’m not suggesting that you should leave your jobs to go setup businesses.

Truth be told, self-employment is not for everyone.

As long as your working lifestyle meets the needs and demands to make you happy, then you’re as autonomous as they come, dear reader.

How To Achieve An Autonomous Lifestyle

Achieving autonomy in one’s life pretty much boils down to two things.

That being said, if you would like to achieve autonomy in your life through…

  • Building a dependable body that can last a long time.
  • Developing a positive reason for living.
  • Constructing deep, loving relationships.
  • Surrounding yourself with wonderful people you can rely on.
  • Creating a joyful working lifestyle whilst generating genuine wealth.

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