“That Was The Most Exhilarating Rollercoaster I’ve Ever Experienced – Can I Do It Again?.”

This conversation refers to all the events that have occurred in my life. The highs and lows, success and failures. During my tenure on this earth, I want to experience many things: I want to grow, I want to share, I want to love and I want to cry. I want to experience the changes the world takes over a number of years. But most importantly, I want to convey a message and leave behind a legacy. One that will be passed from generation to generation leading to make the world a better place.

“I Gave It My All.”

Regardless of whether I officially succeed at the goals I’ve set for myself, as long as I can hold my hand on my heart and genuinely say “I gave it my best” – then that is already enough. And that realisation, by default, has made me a success.

For me, it’s not about what a goal is that matters, but rather what a goal does. If it has the power to change and shape the world and my perception of it, then it is enough.

“I Chose My Own Path.”

Making that decisions alone says a lot about my character and maturity. Initially it was a lonely, lonely road. Not a single soul dared to walk on this path. What was once touted ‘hell’s road’ or ‘the chamber of hell’ became ‘the road of tranquility and happiness’.

Being able to forge your own destiny is no small feat. Mastering the force of the unknown and the apparent fear it brings, actually fills you with joy. The greatest thing about this conversation is that once you’ve taken the first step towards true autonomy, and you’re deep inside that darkness, there is no turning back. Something in your mind just continues to push you, further and further – until you achieve your greatest desire.

“I am Satisfied.”

Probably the most important conversation I’ll hope to have. It is about appreciating the minute details of life: people, places, animals and beautiful scenery, rather than the materialistic possessions that add no real value of enrichment to our lives. It is also about expanding one’s mind, seeing beyond the physical realities of the world, rejecting the idea that money, rank, looks and accreditation is everything. And most importantly, it is about searching for a deeper meaning in my life.

“I Love Life and The People In It.”

The final conversation I hope to have before I die. I love this one in particular because it’s about treating life like a gift. Each day is seen as a birthday, and it is this birthday that grants me opportunities – for growth and for positive change.

I don’t believe we find happiness by treating life as a series of battles. To work hard and make your own path, without running away to a lonely isolation. That for me is self-actualisation and the embodiment of the art of living.

What type of conversations do you hope to have sometime during your life before your death? How many from your list have you already had, and which ones are you working towards? Let me know your thoughts below.