SLEEP! It’s essential to feeling alive and energetic for the day. Without a proper night of rest, we become irritable, grumpy, unmotivated, and risk turning into angry sloths.

Finding out why you’re not waking up feeling bright eyed and bushy-tailed may not be such a mystery. In fact, there are dozens of things you may be doing during the day that are sabotaging your zzz’s at night. Here are just 4 hacks that could dramatically improve your daily life.

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1. Bulletproof Your Night

Have you heard of the Bulletproof guy? If you haven’t, you have not indulged in 2 tbsp of pure grass-fed butter in your coffee. It’s yummy zipped up in your blender with a little honey and can have you feeling energized and very satiated in the morning.

Before trying the butter coffee though, Dave Asprey suggests some curious items to add to your diet to help you get better rest at night.

Krill Oil: The omega-3 fatty acids found in krill oil are a gold mind for brain energy. I guess that’s why some of the world’s largest whales depend on krill as their only source of food! Taken two hours before you head to the bedroom, the fat in krill oil will maintain your energy levels so that you can rest efficiently.

Coconut Charcoal: We know what charcoal is generally used for, especially if you own a fish aquarium; it filters out all the gunky stuff from your tank and pours cleaner water in, right? Well, coconut charcoal does much the same with the endotoxins in your system.

When your night is disrupted and your circadian rhythm is off kilter your gut goes to work by making nasty endotoxins that only serve in making you sluggish the next day.

Coconut charcoal is super absorbent and its millions of teeny pores catch and remove all kinds of endotoxins from your gut including poisons and heavy metals.

2. Here Comes the Sun!

Many of us are cooped up all day inside without seeing the light of day unless it’s outside our car window driving to work. Poor nutrition and not getting enough sunshine leads to vitamin D deficiency – a main cause of poor rest at night.

You may have heard that melatonin is an effective aid at night, and vitamin D is too – but take it in the morning as it will counteract with the hormone in melatonin.

You can also add some vitamin D to your diet by eating wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef liver, and free-range egg yolks. The best way to find out where your vitamin D levels is to visit your doctor and take a simple test. It’s also a wonderful way to fight negative energy.

3. Switch Out Your Old Pillow

A good night’s rest could be closer than you think by just purchasing a new pillow. Your old pillow that you had since college could be the reason why you wake up feeling unrested, achy, and sore. Do you snore at night?

Look into pillows for people who snore; the right pillow could be the solution for a more peaceful night for you and your partner!

Breathing strips are also worth a try to open up your nasal cavities and allow more oxygen into your body keeping you calm and tranquil at night.

4. Power Nap

If you’re already having a hard time sleeping at night, a siesta in the afternoon will only make matters worse. If you do need to nap, try a caffeine nap “the ultimate power snooze.”

Right after you finish your coffee, take a 15 minute power nap. Since the effects of caffeine take at least 15 minutes to kick in, you will wake up refreshed and energized after a quick snooze.

If this isn’t an option, try an afternoon nap at least 8 hours after you’ve woken and set your alarm no longer than 25 minutes.

There are many solutions to acquiring a better night’s rest that are right within your reach. Something as simple as making your bed in the morning and keeping your room tidy can make the thought of sleep more pleasant and inviting.

Clean your sheets at least once a week to eliminate dust and allergens that could interfere with you at night. The temperature in your room also plays a key role in your circadian rhythm. Keep your room below 75º but above 54º.

Even more

Preparing yourself throughout the day to enable you to rest better at night is all a part of good sleep hygiene. Showering, brushing your teeth and changing your clothes every day comes naturally to us as part of personal hygiene.

As you practice these tips for the night ahead by avoiding certain stimulants in the afternoon, keeping a tidy room, buying a new pillow etc., good rest will come second nature to you, as it should.

However, if you still find yourself having trouble sleeping well, maybe it’s something more psychologically based. We recommend trying the inner peace guide.

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